"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

glucose: the phone call i was dreading

scarves indoor.
it's my recent habit.
the scout master thinks it's silly.
i enjoy it a lot.

at my doc apt yesterday my OB told me he thought i was going to fail my glucose test.
i told him i thought that was a terrible thing to say and that he was wrong.
he laughed b/c we're sarcastic like that.
i then told him i was not going to fail my test.
i just make really big babies.
end of story.
he told me he would call me the following day if i failed to schedule the 3 hour test, but if i passed i would get a lovely little note card with his office's stationary and a "normal" box check marked.
so as i'm walking out of my hair salon from buying shampoo this morning, my phone rings.
it's eric.
are you not on a first name basis with your OB?
you should be.
i answered the phone and the following conversation occured:
"eric, why are you calling me. i'm hanging up if this is about my glucose test."
"hello emily," and he continues in his dreary, i'm going to give you bad news voice, "i do have the results of your glucose test."
"no! you were supposed to send me a card on your stationary. just hang up now, and we'll call it good."
"well, i'm calling to give you your results."
"are you serious? really? i can't believe this."
"i know," he says, "it's hard to hear, but......

and then he starts laughing.
"you're fired eric!"
"i knew you'd think you failed if i called. i couldn't resist,"

he's still laughing at this point.
"you totally had me. i was ready to be really depressed if i had to take the 3 hour test."
"your numbers were just fine. you just make really big babies. here's to another 9 pounder!"
i just ignore him now when he talks about having another 9 pounder.
"what were my numbers by the way?"
"you were 96. you only have to be below 140."
"oh good. thanks for the laugh."
and then i hung up the phone and started laughing.
b/c it really was quite funny.


Amy said...

Oooh! How mean of him! And how funny! That is great that you have such a good relationship with your OB. I am so glad to hear you passed. I was a little worried for a minute there.

Bree said...

scarves indoors? you are a nerd.

Gilbert Family said...

what a PUNK!!! emily got Punked!!! only is wasnt Ashton Kutcher. that is funny though. glad you dont have to do that test again. BLAH

Jess said...

glad you passed, the three hour test is really yucky, more glucose to drink than you'd like to imagine.

Sue said...

Sounds like you have a cool doctor. I really liked mine, too. It's nice to have a good relationship with someone who's going to be present at the most thrilling moments of your life, right?


beck said...

Ok you have the coolest OB ever! That is hilarious! As for scarves heck I would wear them in the shower! I love them and they make me feel cozy! I say wear them to your hearts content.

Emmy said...

I want your OB! Sounds like an awesome guy.
That is pretty dang funny.

Cute background.

Snarky Belle said...

That's funny stuff. Glad you passed. :)

Davis Family said...

Hey I forgot to answer a question you left on my blog. Those were sweet potato fries on Kaylie's plate. I buy them at costco and she really likes them. I think it was chicken that day, but we also buy fish sticks. Glad you are doing well!

keri said...

Good thing. That stuff is nasty to drink! I wish that my Dr. was that cool!!!