"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

away WENT the mangerS.

what do you do when your kid breaks all of the mangers at the ward christmas party?
white porcelain and a wooden one from germany to be exact.
and i was standing 2 feet from him.
actually watching him.
imagine the slow motion "nooooooooooooooooooo" in the movies.
i curse you paper table cloths.
i curse you that your sound was intriguing to my pork loin's ears and eyes.
the 21 mo. old ears and eyes that had no idea the mangers on top of the paper table cloths would also be dragged off with the paper in his ripping pleasure.
first, i did what any responsible adult would do.
i looked around to see what other kid could have done it.
place the blame on someone else.
no other kids in sight.
dang it.
then i just stood there with my hands up to my face, staring at the fragments of ceramic wise men and camels on the ground, and my back turned to a gym full of 200 people that had instantly become silent.
the scout master confessed later that the reason it took him so long to come over to share the shame was b/c
A. he was hoping it wasn't really his kid that did it
(yeah, sooooo me too),
B. b/c he didn't want everyone to see that it was his kid that did it
(all this as i stood there by myself with a toddler staring up at me like, "mom, why did you just do that?")
don't worry, he eventually came over to share the shame.
i don't blame him.
i think i would have stayed away too.
i tried to blink myself away from the scene several times.
i stood there frozen as other ward members came to help pick up the pieces.
pretty sure my face was a brighter red than santa's suit.
would have made a ute fan proud.
after about 5 minutes i mustered the courage to make my way into the kitchen where the said owner of the porcelain manger was cleaning up.
at which point i completely held it together for about 20 seconds, and then totally broke down crying from utter embarrassment.
lovely woman to forgive me.
anyone know where i can find a good ceramic manger scene?
maybe quilted bear...
the wooden one was from germany.
bro. duggar lovingly said it wasn't a big deal.
i literally feel nauseated right now.
so that's it,
we're moving.
i can't show my face in the neighborhood ever again.
after we replace the mangers, of course.
winner of the
most supportive quote
of our incident goes to bree's husband:
"no biggie, they were only handcrafted figures handed down for four generations. they made it all the way in covered wagons to utah in 1850."
-matt strong, sent by text message
really, it did make us laugh and took some of the edge off, which is why it is the winner.
thank goodness for friends that know how to make you laugh.
if you can't laugh, what else is left?
nothing i say, nothing.


Emmy said...

I am so sorry! I would have cried too. And it wouldn't surprise me if my 5 year old did something just like that.. at least he is still little.

Teaches the activities committee right, they should know not to have breakable personal things at a family party.... sorry that might be mean but true.

And don't worry I am sure they still love you :)

Jen said...

Oh Em, I'm so sorry, but that quote made me laugh out loud. What kind and gracious people you have in your ward! Don't worry, tomorrow someone will do something else, and their faces will be as red as Santa's suit! Lots of love to you!

Julie Jones said...

I am sooooo glad I am not the only one on this planet that has experience like this. Thank you so much for being human and not the model family I need real people in my life to I can feel normal.

Elaine said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!!! I would've cried in front of everyone. Then run out in a big scene. Seriously. I think you handled the situation rather well.


Brooke said...

oh I am with you! that is totally something blake would have done. In fact last year we found a baby jesus wrapped up in blake's little fist at the party. Someone would have gone home without a baby jesus if we hadn't found it before it ended up on the floor. What's the point of a manger without baby jesus? and who brought mangers to a place with kids? doesn't EVERYONE think about baby proofing 24/7????? or is that just me?!!!!

Sue said...

That's the pits, Em. Sorry! But it happens, ya know?

Maybe you can find her a cool, old one on e-bay. Why not check it out and see?


Hastings Family said...

All you have to do is look at that ADORABLE face and all is forgotten. :)

Boulant Family said...

Oh no!! The ebay suggestion sounds good! So sorry! You have a great sense of humor!

Davis Family said...

Hey Emily, my friend Nicki makes the hair flowers and she sells them too! I'm sure if you left a comment on her blog you could work something out.

You can find Kaylie's hair bow from my friend Cassidy's etsy shop at www.luhloo.etsy.com she is also featured at shabbyapple.com

Thanks for your comment!

Synergy Girl said...

Okay...did the scrolling...!! Okay first of all...i don't blame Brennan AT ALL!!! Who in their right mind uses breakables at a "Ward Christmas Party" when there are going to be children there??!! It's the same thing as child proofing a house...sorry, if they had it on the table at all, they should EXPECT something to happen to it!! I was the activities chairman for about 5 years in our ward, and you can have FABULOUS table decor WITHOUT them being breakable....!! Still sucks when it is your kids that make the scene!!!