"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i never told you that he ate mostly marshmallows on thanksgiving.
and ham.
with my mom's honey glaze.
which is not what this post is about.
translation: yogurt.
that might not be what he says, but he says something like that standing by the fridge, and when i open it he goes straight for the yoplait.
the pork loin ate too much yogurt yesterday.
he is suffering the consequences this morning.
enough said.
he wants it morning, noon, and night.
sometimes i let him.
sometimes i don't.
yesterday i did.
now i feel badly.
at least it's snowing.
the weather has a lot of making up to do for missing my birthday.
it's doing a fairly good job.
i've woken up to fresh snow two mornings in a row.
one more morning and i'll consider last week's lack forgotten for another year.
i can't make any promises beyond that.
in other news...
the pork loin talks.
a lot.
but not around adults.
mainly with his friend wilder.
my child that i thought was mute is linguistically blessed around wilder.
it's funny.
Dr. N told me my weight gain is great.
bless him.
he then told me to enjoy the holiday season and gain a little extra for it.
bless him double.
the receptionist told me she liked my tummy.
i love them at Dr. N's office.
they were extra good for the soul yesterday.
the pork loin sounds snotty this morning.
our 3 week streak of health is coming to an end.
maybe this means we'll be healthy again by christmas???!!!
the scout master has 3 official days of classes left of physical therapy school.
but he doesn't graduate until may.
2 final internships are next.
we are excited.
i pushed around bob strollers with bree at usa baby on saturday.
it was fun.
they really know their stuff at usa baby.
the scout master and i went to our first open house.
it made me want to buy a house.
it also made me feel like an adult.
and weird, like i was invading someone's privacy by opening their closets.
so i would open a cabinet really fast and then close it really fast.
and it was just uncomfortable for me.
then it made me want to rent for the rest of my life.
the pork loin is getting his iron checked this morning.
he was a little low last time.


Emmy said...

I always feel weird in open houses too :)

Sounds like you really do have a wonderful doctor.

Sue said...

It's strange looking for a new house, but it's wonderful when you get to make it your own!


Amy said...

I love hearing the words little kids have for different things. So fun to hear them learning to talk, and so funny that he only talks around his friend!

What a wonderful doctor you have! And what great advice he gave! I hope you are all healthy by Christmas.

Meghan said...

My doc said I need to "slow down" with the weight gain :o(


I don't think I look fat or anything... but the comment is still bugging me 3 days later.

I shouldn't feel guilty for eating damnit, I'm pregnant!

Next time I hope they just lie to me.

The Wilson Family said...

JJ wants to eat yogurt and cottage cheese...10 times a day. That's not an exaggeration. oh dear the diapers I see and smell...woo!