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Thursday, December 10, 2009

spilled cup and a great laugh

i'm finding that when you're cooped up inside with a toddler, they need projects.
it's work to get the stuff out.
it's work to help them do it.
it's work to clean the stuff up.
but it's better than the whining of a bored toddler.
and it's better than having destruct-o toddler roar it's head.
not sure if i can do painting more than once a week.
hopefully santa will bring play-do.
and that the stork or Dr. N will bring the little lady before valentine's day.
it's officially painful to turn over at night.
and not in the same way it was with brennan.
so at the risk of sharing too much, we'll just leave it at that.
brennan spilled the water cup on his.
i still think it's quite charming:-)
"more videos" for the scout master.
i really wish i could find a way to make money off of my kid's laugh.
and sense of humor.


Amy said...

You have inspired me. Paints here we come!

Fiauna said...

I can't take painting either. And with Christmas break coming up, I know I'll be pulling out the paints more than a few times. Ugh.

Jess said...

I don't mind the paints so much now that Emma is more self sufficient, but there is a threshold of tolerance for the paint. I hope she'll like games this break (and that she can play with friends A LOT)

Boulant Family said...

Painting is so fun! Try the paint brushes that have paint already in them! (Target or Walmart) So not a mess!

Emmy said...

Very cute pictures! And yeah for painting. You're right it is such a pain to get it all out and clean up but things like that really are worth it.

I love your tree :)

Sue said...

And I wish your videos weren't so darned dark!


~*Kenny and Ashlie*~ said...

I have a recipe for home-made play-do. I make it for Nursery all of the time and the kids love it. It's okay for them to eat unlike the 'real' play-do which can make you sick! Let me know if you want it.