"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 28, 2009

on my back, but i was on my left.

i woke up, blazing hot, or at least i felt like it.
and ready to puke.
i didn't puke, in case you were wondering.
i layed there on my left side, wishing i didn't feel like i wanted to puke.
was i on my back?
no, on my left.
but was i on my back?
i love sleeping on my back.
hardest part of being pregnant is not being able to sleep on my back.
this happened once around 18 weeks or something like that.
the waking up and feeling like puking,
except that time i made myself puke hoping it would make me feel better.
it didn't.
it just made me never want winger's wings ever again.
was it the bacon i ate last night in my blt-a?
"are you feeling sick babe?" i asked the scout master.
he grumbled that his legs were a little achy.
this is normal.
so i roll to my right side, hoping it will help.
nope, i still feel awful.
was it the bacon?
finally i decide it would be safest to go take a seat on the bathroom floor.
i sat there for 5 minutes until i was so cold i was shaking.
so glad to not feel hot anymore that i didn't care i was cold.
then i walked out to the recliner, had the scout master cover me in a blanket, and fell asleep until 6:45am or something close to that.
i walked back to my side of the bed, climbed in, freezing from the cold sheets, scooted over to the scout master's side.
his sheets are always warm.
then i got too hot and scooted back to mine.
and fell back asleep until after 9.
thank you scout master for getting up with the pork loin.
and now i'm thinking it must have been b/c i was sleeping on my back, even though i woke up on my left.
the vena cava is the only thing i can gather.
couldn't have been the bacon.
from my experience you can't just not puke if you have food poisoning.
but you can stand up to let the blood flow back into your body if the vena cava has been smooshed from sleeping on your back.
i can't wait to sleep on my back again.
too bad having the baby doesn't mean sleep;-)
b/c i remember thinking it would when i was pregnant with brennan.
that's funny.
in other news...
it's freakishly cold for utah today.
we've got nothing on rexburg, but it's cold for utah.
12 degrees at 9am.
warmed up to 18 or something by 10 when we went out.
ice skating on our creek.
sort of.do anyone's kids keep their gloves on?
he screams b/c the handles are cold, but refuses to keep his gloves on.
until 10 minutes later when he fell into the snow with no gloves.
then he wore his gloves.
until 10 minutes later when he ripped them off again and it all started over.
i don't want to deal with gloves ever again.
this just didn't seem like a good idea to me,
but they assured me it was perfectly safe.
see, 18 or something.
his cousins taught him to make a snow angel.
he got the legs going, but never figured out the arms.
didn't he do a great job;-)
or maybe this was mary's...
the big boy swing.
good thing we're having a baby b/c i think mine might not be one anymore.
although my dad still calls me his baby.
i never understood why.
i guess i do now.
always my baby, just a little bigger.
but he was never really that small.


Amy said...

Glad you are no longer sick. I love the snow angels. Looks like you had loads of fun today.

Emmy said...

Brrrr!!! Glad you didn't get sick.. though I hate it when you almost feel like it would be better if you would.

I sometimes sleep on my stomach.. that isn't happening anymore :(

Sue said...

Sounds like a rough night! I'm glad you're feeling better now.

As for the snow and toddlers, I'd share my experience with you except that I've never lived in the snow with kids. Therefore, for once, I must have...no comment.


keri said...

I got Madison a actual pair of gloves. She wouldn't keep mittens on because she couldn't use her fingers. So we got her some little gloves and she likes them so much that she wants to wear them in the house too. I never have a problem with her taking them off anymore :)

Fiauna said...

33 weeks already? Man that's gone by fast (to me anyway).

Good for you going out in the snow. Snow is a no go for me.

Lauren said...

My morning sickness keeps coming back... but it's not from vena cava smooshing, it's for real... though not daily thank goodness.
Your "Baby bump" looks adorable in your snow jacket, btw! :)
Time's inching clooossseeerrr!! :)
Glad you didn't get sicky... that's not fun. And glad you feel better now!