"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

breastmilk and cookies

i put breastmilk in my toddler's sippy cup yesterday.
before you let your face pucker in judgment here was my thinking.
baby doesn't need extra after nursing like her big brother did.
didn't have the heart to throw it out.
not enough worth storing.
toddler's cup was sitting on the counter.
so i poured it in.
and he drank it.
and then we ate cookies.
chocolate chocolate white mint chip ones.
motherhood lessons learned today:
routines are best achieved when everyone leaves and you're all on your own.
today is a GOOD day:-)
and there's air in the stroller tires.
wearing the same outfit two days in a row saves on laundry.
go me!!!
hey, my options are still limited!!!
it's like i've forgotten how to dress like a non-maternity person.
and i don't want tight.
hormonal sweating while sleeping and drying your hair makes for a super workout.
did i mention it's sunny today?!


Hil said...

haha.. oh man I would give anything to see brennan's face 10 years from now when he reads this post. :)

so glad you are having a good day and have air in your tires!

**Amanda** said...

I agree! I'd love to see Brennans face in 10 years! Haha! I probably wouldve done the same thing.
Ps his hair looks adorable!

Sue said...

Hey, he drank it once, why not now? You're taking your budgeting thing to a whole new level!



Meghan said...

I actually am curious to taste my own breastmilk (I'm disgusting!) so I don't think theres anything wrong with you giving any to Brennan. It's not like you poured it in a coworkers coffee or something haha.

The baby girl is precious :o) Glad you're all doing well.

Gilbert Family said...

that is hilllllarious!!! your face is priceless

Katie said...

This post makes me like you all the more!

I had some leftover when Gabe was a baby so I made Colin some hot chocolate with it. Like you said - why waste that good stuff?

Fiauna said...

Amen to all of it. You make me smile!

Synergy Girl said...

I woulda done the same thing...or maybe dared my hubby to drink it...HA...!! and about the night sweats...well, they suck...BUT...I lost my baby weight faster with the kids I had that problem with...so embrace it...!! haha