"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"ook buf soop"

step 1:
step 2:
step 3: step 4:
i haven't been playing with brennan very much.
even when i have the time, i find myself just wanting to do chores around the house or just sit down for a minute to watch him.
he is sitting on my lap right now pretending to each chapstick on a plate i need to return to the Quirante's.
they used to have cookies on them.
they were really good.
one second, it's my turn to sample his chapstick delicacy.
"ook" is what i just tasted.
now it's "buf soop."
beef soup?
on a plate?
who knew?!
how many more weeks until i can take max out to public places???
i am missing the aquarium this morning...
at least my stomach's full of "ook buf soop."
the scary dinosaur needs my attention.


Jess said...

That sounds like a delicious meal, and it also sounds like you're needing a little bit of sunshine-walking soon?

Sue said...

That part where you're stuck inside is kinda hard. I remember.

My DIL had a stroller that was completely enclosed that she used to take around when she got really desperate. It was like a little armored car.


Proudfeet said...

You make me laugh! Cannot wait to see your little family on Saturday! What time would be good to bring dinner? I was thinking 4:00is, you can always warm a few of the items later on, but seriously what ever works for you!

Emmy said...

Love the Step 3 picture. So precious.

And yes when possible schedule some one-on-one time with Brennan.. otherwise you will soon see the "I don't like my little sister side" that I think every first child goes through, but it can help lessen the blow.