"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 15, 2010

slow motion

(proof that she really does have 2 eyes under those lids!)
i need an outing.
by the time we are all dressed, fed, watered, milked, and ready, it's time for the toddler to be fed again and put down for a nap.
not that we have a plethora of options for outings by any means.
seeing that the newborn is still under isolation restriction.
i keep thinking up options in my head:
discovery gateway
book store
walk (need air in tires)
store (we are almost out of diapers and fresh fruit-EMERGENCY!!!)
backyard (no sunshine today, would have to find batteries for monitor if leaving newborn inside...seems easy so why can't i get the dang things out?)
store (diapers, diapers, diapers, fruit)
and by the time i have run these options through my mind throughout the entire day it's time for dinner, bath, books, and bed.
this i attribute to my inability to currently make decisions.
all decisions are put on the back burner to nurse, eat, sleep, nurse, eat, sleep, NAP.
i'm feeling rather proud of the naps i have been clocking, but it's leaving no time for outings.
outings during toddler's nap don't count.
those would be rushed errands, and they are no fun.
half of my options would not include the newborn b/c of their location.
the other half are one option (store) that also does not include the newborn.
i want fresh air and scenery, so a walk sounds like the winner.
but no air in tires.
working to coordinate toddler waking up and newborn needing to be fed must also be included in this option.
along with daylight savings time.
i think i'll have a baby in summer next time.
i'm getting nowhere with this.
which is why when people ask "what's it like having 2?"
i respond, "sllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwww moooooooooottttiiiiiiooooooon."
eventually we'll get our groove, but until then it's back to outing options.
i think i'll just take a nap for now...
(sean said we can fill up the tires. i think we'll attempt a walk. or fall asleep trying.)
in other news...
i pumped this morning thinking it would give me some relief after kinz decided she was full.
i was SORELY (pun intended!) mistaken.
i hope i never have to pump again.
how did i do that so much with brennan??
my hair is greasy on the top, despite my recent shower 2 hours ago.
i'm chalking it up to hormones and may even treat myself to another later today if the outing falls through.
i got the night sweats again.
also hormonal.
at least i hope!
i'm making cookies.
and delivering them.
the end.


Emmy said...

It is so hard when you are just tapped like that.. but it will get better, it really will.. it just take a little longer for it to get better when there are two. Hang in there, you can do it!

Sue said...

It always took me about three months to learn the new juggling act. By then, you should be sitting pretty. (And probably more "normal" hormonally, too.)

You look great, though! I'm still laughing about your V-day pic with the crossed fingers.


Brooke said...

Sounds like you are doing just what you should be and are doing it well! I mean what new mother of two has the strength to make cookies and deliver them?! Totally impressed. i do know what you mean though, I could barely get out of the house with one! Keep up the good work mama!

Katie said...

The fact that you are even blogging makes me admire you! Hope you get an outing or two.

I always get the night sweats after childbirth. I wake up sweaty and leaky, which makes for lovely sheets.

Danny, Jen, Kadee, Kambrie and Lillian said...

Oh man girl... It is so hard, seriously. You are doing awesome though. I would have gone CRAZY if Lilly was born any later in the year. I took her out to take Kam to preschool the first morning after bringing her home... and I still stretch out all my errands through the week so that we have at least one thing we HAVE to get in the car and go do. It is SO worth the work of getting all packed up to get out the door... by the time you get back home it is naptime, my favorite, does that make me a bad mom? It is true though, have Lilly and Kam FINALLY on the same schedule for at least one hour and then somehow you can make it through until bedtime! And everyday and everyday gets easier... although I never had the sweats... the hormones issues YES, FOR MONTHS!!!! But the sweats sound NO fun, sorry girl.