"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 22, 2010

cold sun

i don't usually play basketball.
so don't go thinking i'm cool like that.
after being un-preg-nant-ed i find myself still laying around in a lazy haze.
it's easy to get used to people bringing you things and picking up things for you when you're pregnant.
it turns into a habit for me.
it's like i have to teach myself how to do things for myself again.
oh, is that energy and oomph i have again?
i think that's what that is.
so i shot some hoops this afternoon.
it's amazing how warm you can stay when you're not sitting in a chair on your phone.
i am more of an "individual point A to point B" kind of athletic person.
running, swimming, crocheting.
no contact sports.
i don't like all of the jabbing.
i am one of those girls that would lose in a brawl.
definitely wouldn't make it past the cornicopia in hunger games.
when i told sean i took brennan outside and shot the basketball,
his mouth dropped and he asked where his wife was.
really, i don't think he's ever seen me take a shot.
i played in the 6th grade on a church sponsored team in our town.
that was the name of the league.
i was on the "B" team.
definition: we don't cut anyone b/c it's church, so you can be on the "B" team.
my one glory was the fluke 3 point shot i made.
hero for a day.
go me:-)
it felt really good to freeze our bums off in the cold sun this afternoon. maybe i'll do this "shooting hoops" thing more often.
don't get too excited sean.
i'm still not playing one on one.
i've heard you are dirty with your elbows!
i'm thinking that kinz has got something going with her lips.
people pay good money for ones like that, don't they??.
2 weeks:
8 lbs 1 oz (go milk go!)
20 & 3/4 inches
the nurse measured her twice b/c she couldn't believe max had grown almost 3 inches in 2 weeks.
lessons learned in motherhood today:
if nursing is going well, the world is at peace.
if your toddler doesn't want to wear his gloves, he will not die without them.
amazing, i know.
in fact, he won't even get frostbite.
and you will have one less step in prep of getting out the door.
watching too much tv gives mommy time for a shower.
and that makes for a REALLY happy mommy.
and a REALLY happy life:-)


**Amanda** said...

You are so cute.
And I LOVE basketball :) I will gladly shoot hoops with you!

And those lips...AMAZING!

Brooke said...

yea for showers, too much tv and happy moms!

Sue said...

There is a lady in my ward who just had collagen shot into her lips. I happened to sit next to her Sunday and was absolutely unable to understand why anyone would do something that looks so unnatural.

As for "Kinz," on her, it looks great. She's got it goin' on, and she's a newborn!!


Amy said...

What a delightful spring background you now have! I am in love.
And I think you are a brave woman to go out in the cold today. The sun tempted me enough to open the door. The blast of cold air that hit me quickly changed my mind. I may be trying again tomorrow.
Pregnancy laziness is something I have to get over as well. Not fun, is it?

Connie said...

couldn't agree more with the nursing comment :D

Emmy said...

Good for you! And yeah, I am not much of a basketball player either.. I can foul people really good if needs be though :)

And her lips are to die for!!!

Lisalulu said...

she is just the cutest thing ever.. glad you are getting out for fresh air