"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 21, 2010


there's nothing i love more than turning a can of olives back and forth.
yes, i'm being completely serious.
have you done it lately???
you can feel the olive juice going through the olives.
so soothing.
just like returning to a sense of normalcy.
as simple as cooking dinner for my family.
not the same as before.
but familiar.
in a brand new kind of way.
(our attempt at "tummy time". can't you tell she thinks it's riveting!!??)
gosh, i love these kids.


Sue said...

What is that old saying? Everything old is new again? So true.


Lisalulu said...

you guys look so cozy... what a great way to spend the day!

Emmy said...

What did you make? it looks good

Amy said...

Returning to normalcy, such a simple thing, yet so meaningful! Glad things are getting more familiar for you, and no one can dispute the fact that you have two amazingly beautiful children.

Jess said...

Tender Loin was so super cute at church yesterday, and I love the shot of him in Sean's shoes. It looks like little miss Max is a good sleeper-yay for you!

beck said...

sounds like you're loving life even through the transition. Looks like your days are filled full of love! Don't you just love the gift of motherhood! I hope you're getting your sleep. I wish I could be there to let you take a nap! Little Miss Kenzie is so freakin' adorable.