"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BLAZED by the name dropper

my father in law knows everyone.
he has two nicknames in the family:
"hot old man" (story for another day)
"name dropper"
his friend's also call him "wild bill."
so does reno mahe.
so last night we were introduced to some "names" at the AFL Blaze's open house.

name dropper (aka "papa" gibson), explaining to brennan which player on the team played in his (brennan's) future position.
i am praying he doesn't want to play football at all, but as you can see, the boys have a plan of their own...

did you know that 75% of high school football injuries are life long?
i learned that in my PE methods class in college.
a few "names" are shown below.
there are 3 big wigs in the hunter group, but one is serving an LDS mission in washington D.C.

we also met the blonde woman in the distance between the big wigs.
in the black suit.
she talked to me about cookies for 5 minutes.
with brownies on the bottom.
i hope she sends one to me like she promised.
they sounded really good.
i'd like to direct your attention to my child laying in the end zone (red shirt).

after recovering from the first dog pile tackle...
he went back for more.
he soooooooooo did not get that from me.
i broke my wrist snowboarding when i was a senior in high school.
never did it again.
see, i learn quickly;-)
another "name" follows...
hans kissed brennan on the neck and the cheek.
it was weird.
but he was really nice.
and i did feel like i already knew him.
so that made it less weird that he was kissing my son.
i would love to play apples to apples with that man.
he held brennan up like he weighed 2 pounds.
he weighs 32lbs, fyi.
then the entire dance team ran after brennan squealing...
we met the dance coach too.
brennan kept giving her 3 yr old daughter "the gibson eye."
(half of the team got cut off by my vertical shot, but you can see their arms on the right hand side.)
i've never seen women move so fast toward anything in my life.
i would have been terrified too.
he was still nervous to be by the mob and tried to push off of me during the picture.
and max?
well, as usual, she was the LIFE of the party.

i'll bet none of the "names" will remember me the next time we meet.

especially since sean told me we had already met big wig #1 at bajio last year, and he didn't remember us.

i didn't remember him either.

darn it.

does that mean i can't name drop them???

i think the rule is that they have to know you for you to know them and name drop them...

like scott white.

he's my husband's cousin.

aunt judy's son.

and he was the producer of "without a trace" and "bill & ted's excellent adventure."

he knows me.

and he's related to me.

by marriage, but who's counting?

i can most definitely name drop scott.

go ahead, let yourself think i'm cooler now.

i won't stop you;-)


Sue said...

I hope Brennan doesn't play football, too, but I think my hope is not founded in reality. Look at the kid!

Both of my sons played varsity football and both of them have injuries that have plagued them off and on every since. (One knee and one back injury respectively.)

As for name-dropping, I can do that, too! My brother-in-law is the production designer on Adam Sandler's movies, and right now they are shooting one with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. Happily, my BIL is very low key about the whole thing and doesn't name drop at all. (So I do it for him.)


Sarah said...

Cute, cute, cute blog! It's so fun to go back and see Brennan as a baby. :)

Jess said...

That's so "presh" - I had to say it ok? and seriously, I'm not like a creepy old lady ogling your son- AND I know I say it every time I leave a comment but the dance team was overwhelmed by the tender loin's big brown eyes. no one can resist.

Emmy said...

You are in trouble all of the girls already like him.. though he seems to have no interest :)

Fiauna said...

You are way cooler now. Name dropper.

Synergy Girl said...

Ya well, I am cool. Like...seriously cool. My sister has been on the cover of UFO magazine twice...whata ya say about that??!! LOL...anyhow, you are looking great after Max...just saying!!

Ali said...

What a fun post!!

Pork loin and Max continue to get more darling in every post! 8)

beck said...

Brennan is a stud. Our days of Gavin running (not literally) into things and hitting his head are beginning. He's such a drama queen. never been able to name drop, never will so yah for you! Hopefully they remember you next time. You could do something very embararssing or weird and that might help. Just suggesting! So my brother in law Davin is playing on a football team siimilar to that one I think. Reliving his glory days before he got injured playing at Yuba College. He says he had like 20 schools looking at him to recruit him but his injury ended it all. We let him talk it up. About injuries, did you know that basketball has the highest incidence of injury. More than football. Tons of sprained ankles, and more! That's why I will allow Ryan to take Gavin under his wings and teach him to love tennis!

Meghan said...

It looks like Brennan is peeing on the wall in the pic where he's facing it :o)

Amy said...

Way cool. While I was on my mission I saw Julia Roberts making a film... but since I didn't actually know her, I guess that doesn't count, does it? Yup, you are way cooler than me.