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Sunday, March 21, 2010

snip snip "bizz" & the GREAT debate

watching "bizz,"
i buzzed his hair.

in news of the GREAT debate...
my kids look alike.
and they look like ME.
contrary to popular opinion.
at least they do when they're babies.
note the following:
brennan around 4 weeks

makenzie 6 weeks
me 2 days old in the round picture & brennan 1 day old

you be the judge.
seriously though, don't you agree??!!

i mean, don't just agree, but don't you?!


Sue said...

I do agree, and I have to point out how the boy babies always get the hair. I had three boys with hair and one girl, who was bald till she was a year old!

Where's the justice in that?!


Gilbert Family said...

she is so perfect. i am so happy for you. you do a good job cutting hair! can you come here and cut my sons hair? thanks

Lauren said...

thats so funny-- i was just comparing will and my own baby pictures to carson today!
both brennan and max ar a-dor-able!! :)

Emmy said...

Yes you do all look alike. I love his hair! So so cute

Fiauna said...

I TOTALLY agree. And they all are such adorable baby photos.

keri said...

I like his hair cut. But I am going to miss the Little Beatle Mop top. You'll have to let him grow it out for Halloween and get him a collarless suit and have him be John Lennon or something. He pulled off the mop top soooooo well!!!

Tiffany said...

Hmmm...I think Max looks like you and Brennan is a Gibson! So cute!!

Amy said...

I lovelovelove his haircut! A part of me wishes I could get my son to sit still for a haircut, but the other half really likes his long shaggy hair. Meh, what are you going to do?