"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i had a dream once that pepper seeds were clustered under my toes.
i remember flaking them off with my thumb.
the thought of it still gives me the shivers.
i hate clusters.
they creep me out.
like the trout fish that cluster in the corner of the tank at the aquarium.
but most of all,
i hate the seed clusters in peppers.
love peppers.
but i cut them as fast as i can.
throw out the seeded part.
maggot looking things they are.
and pretend that it never existed.
heebie jeebies in its fullest.
in other news...
dr. N says i'm made for having babies.
i asked him if he could figure out a way for the next one to not need to eat in the middle of the night.
he said he's still working on that one.
he gave me a hug and said see you in a year.
i always feel like i'm leaving a friend behind after the 6 week check.
i want to sell my extra breastmilk.
jess tells me the intense boob people think it's unethical.
apparently they feel it should be donated.
so that they can then sell it.
uh huh.
does that make sense to anyone else?
max's new trick is being able to hold her head up for a few seconds.
it's pretty fancy.
brennan thinks his name is "me."
ask him, he'll tell you.
i give you, "me."


Sue said...

Such a cute video...And I could even see it! (How did you get it so light this time?)


Sue said...

Such a cute video...And I could even see it! (How did you get it so light this time?)


keri said...

Aww... that cute! Maddie likes it. She is making me play it over and over and she keeps saying "Maddie" every time you ask him his name.
I say, you should be able to sell your milk. You are the one working hard to make the stuff, you should get a little something out of it, don't you think? I mean, besides the comfort in knowing that your baby is getting all the goods that she needs. If you've got extra, then go for it!

Jess said...

Love that brown eyed boy, and seriously just sell it, if the hospital or where ever is makin money on it so should you- you worked hard to make it right?

Tiffany said...

Emily! Yup, we're in Vegas and red heads are so pretty! {crossing my fingers that your sweet little Max is one!!}

Proudfeet said...

Have we had the cluster conversation before? They are my worst nightmare! Grape clusters, corn on the cob, I shudder Especially bell pepper seeds! Ok I am dry heaving right now with the thought of it! In happier news I loved Miss Max's little announcement! XO

Emmy said...

Well they do say "it's often all about me"... so I guess he is just setting himself up to be the center of everything :)

And I really am jealous of your wonderful OB... I don't to complain about with mine but she just isn't cool like yours

Amy said...

Ah, he is so sweet.
I laughed about your comment on selling breast milk. I think they know a good market when they see one, and don't want anyone encroaching on their space.
And clusters are disgusting, I agree, though I don't have quite the aversion you have. What a horrible dream!