"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 26, 2010

pesky little groundhog

i went to bed last night in march and woke up in december.
two days ago the weather man said we should hit 70's between now and april 15th.
i thought about that weather man this morning when i looked out my window.
zoo is out.
mall is in.
thank goodness for christmas gift cards.
see, i told you it was december:-)
that pesky little groundhog!
i'll never tire of waking up to a snow storm with big flakes.
even in march:-)


Proudfeet said...

Our house was dumped on too! I could not believe it! Secretlty happy for it though, I have been hoping for at least one more good use of our fireplace!

Sue said...

You are such a good sport about the weather. I think you are just a happy soul.


Jess said...

Monday is the day it's supposed to hit 70- glad we're planning on walking! and lucky lucky girl to have gift cards to spend- yay!

Amy said...

I gotta say, I sure loved the snowstorm. From the inside, of course. The big fat flakes just make me happy. Even better is that it is all gone today, and my barbeque is still on! Isn't Spring so fun?