"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a game.

my fork became an airplane at dinner last night.
my trick to getting brennan to do anything lately has begun with the phrase,
"brennan, do you want to play a game!?"
it is most helpful when said with zest and pizazz on the adult's part.
100% of the time he replies "uh-huh!"
dinner was becoming more of a science experiment in the high chair, so i pulled out the "game" card.
we flew our food into our mouths, making "zoom" sounds.
never thought i would get to this point.
it's more fun to eat this way as an adult too.
at least more fun than listening to a screaming toddler who doesn't want to eat.
plus, i'll bet it burns more calories.
the scout master missed the show working late.
such a hard worker.
dinner is just not the same without him.
in other news...
brennan turned 2 last week!
my family was in town to celebrate his big day and to meet miss max.
(below: my hair and right arm, grandpa ryan, grandma gigi, p.l. & scout master, grandma sandie, uncle brent)
(below: grandma gibson & max, aunt ashlie, uncle adam, grandpa gibson)

he's been dreaming of big rigs ever since...
zambi, the elephant.
all children need one.
it chuckles, and does all other elephant actions and sounds.
so cute.
the pork loin was mesmerized.
great find grandma joi and grandpa dick.
i swear this was standing the right way when i loaded it.
go ahead, use this opportunity to stretch out the right side of your neck.
the party girl.
definitely the life of the party.
below: uncle adam, sean, brennan, grandma sandie, auntie kelsey
(grandpa ryan and yours truly not pictured, oh well)
the party wiped the two of us out.
asleep on the couch by 9:30pm.
wait, what's new?
toys are even better the morning after the party, says the pork loin and his kitchen escapades.
uncle adam and p.l.
we made these again too.
choc lush.
that's what you can refer to me as from this point forward.
auntie kelsey and p.l.

brennan took full advantage of grandparents, aunties, and uncles being around.
choc cake for afternoon snacks with grandpa.
picking out all of the m&m's from the trail mix with auntie kelsey.
bath time for the little lady.
lunch has never been so fun for the pork loin.
kelsey tells me these are the most comfortable shoes around.
i'm so out of the times.
had never heard of them.
you buy a pair and a pair are donated.
how can you not like that?!
nordi's was doing free art on them if you bought a pair between 1pm and 4pm on saturday, and what did ya' know, we were there at those exact times.
love how hers turned out.
such a blast:-)
we miss them already.


Jess said...

I'm glad you had fun with your family- so many things to celebrate!

Sue said...

Such a cute little birthday boy. And I'm liking the Toms.


Hil said...

my TOMS are my favorite shoes ever. seriously. I plan on buying them for life.

**Amanda** said...

Bout time you post something ;) LOVE toms.
Glad Brennan had a good Birthday! Sad we missed it!

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

Happy Birthday Brennan. I like the look of Toms, and like the idea of them, but have never bought any.. maybe I should..Those are cute!

Emmy said...

Looks like he had a great birthday!

Sorry you can't find the cape, it is a cute one.

And just beware once the dinner games start... well you will be doing them for a while now. :) But you are right, somethings just have to be done to avoid screaming.

Synergy Girl said...

Awwww....our boys are the same age...who knows...maybe to the day!! Looks like little Brennan had a BLAST!!! Happy Birthday Pork Loin!!! Oh, and my Blazer is the WORST eater too...wish games would work...