"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 11, 2010

time out carpet

right after taking this picture brennan got put in time out for kicking max in the head
for the SECOND time this afternoon.
and what did he do in time out?
sat on the time out carpet.
and laughing.
and saying, "hi mommy!"
i think it went well.
he's TOTALLY getting the idea,
don't you think???!!!


Thompson's said...

Don't feel too bad about him kicking her in the head. McKoy took out all of his aggression on Rylee too. I'm surprised that she has lived through it.

Brooke said...

oh time out... Blake no longer enjoys it. As we head towards the designated spot he starts whining, "sorry you, sorry you!" Oh it it pathetic but he still has to do the time out! Gotta love these spunky little ones.

Susan Anderson said...

Heather had to watch my grandson like a hawk when his little sister was born. The jealousy ran rampant! But they're buds now.


Jess said...

Oh tender loin- say it ain't so? I just can't imagine Brennan kicking Max on purpose. Has the jealousy factor kicked in (no pun intended)

Emmy said...

Sorry :( And don't worry this aggressive phase will pass. It happened with my son to and I remember thinking, what in the world?? But yeah sounds like you might need a better time out spot