"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this is it.

taking one cart into the store is just not an option.
unless we're at harmon's.
thank goodness for their car carts.
toddler driving the cart in the car, baby up with me.
i was the tank going through walmart.
pushing one cart with the kids in it,
pulling the actual groceries behind us.
the people around me were bugged.
i really can't think of any other option.
i don't like going at night.
by the time sean gets home and i can go i'm too tired and don't make it.
or i make it and i'm grumpy about it.
i like the outing with the kids in the mornings.
so until i can think of one this is it.
oh how the shopping excitement will change when max can sit up in the seat with him.
but is costco the only place with room for 2 up top???
in other news...
the super hero birthday cape has been lost.
it never made it from the birthday bash to our house.
this breaks my heart, but grandma sandie's more.
i fear that someone threw it out with the wrapping paper.
i hope this is not true.
i'll be expanding my search back to the party house later today.
while candle shopping last week,
i was sure glad he wasn't turning 3...

max is officially a night time mylicon junkie.
although, i've heard gripe water is better.
we will see.
either way, the scout master is looking much more refreshed from the extra sleep at night.
as for the day time, she enjoys long walks on the beach and sun tanning.
oh, to be a baby again...


Sue said...

I used to do the grocery shopping at night once my husband got home for the very reasons you mention!


Ps. Max is definitely pretty in pink.

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

When Brennan gets a little older, he can sit down in with the groceries, unless you are getting too much, that is what we do, although Cohen, when behaving, can walk next to the cart.

Emmy said...

Our Walmart has these great carts that have seats for two kids right behind the cart, and then there is still the regular seat and cart. Your Walmart needs to get on the ball.

beck said...

how about max in a sling or wrap? That would be my solution anyway. Good luck! Know what you mean about no motivation at the end of your day.

Kindra said...

The one and only time I took both kids out I put baby in a wrap, it worked out well. And we use mylicon and gripe water, mylicon to prevent the gas, gripe water to ease the pain!

Danny, Jen, Kadee, Kambrie and Lillian said...

I always put Kam in the back of the cart with the groceries and Lilly up front... I would hate to go at night... although it would be some time out alone for me... I NEED an errand to run in the morning. Otherwise the day seems forever long. I also used the Mylicon and Gripe water... Lilly did really well with both together.. Not one or the other. I looked for it all over at baby stores and they were ALWAYS out but you can get it at Smiths! YAHOO!!!