"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, April 4, 2010

down the chimney

brennan gorged himself on chocolate, peeps, pez, and more chocolate before 9am.
he ate some with a fork.
there was a sliver of shredded cheese that snuck in,
so i counted it as a serving of dairy.
then i used my brain and started using the chocolate as a bribe.
he ate 2 scrambled eggs and half a piece of toast after that.
after a thirty minute tantrum and a time out,
i finally ate breakfast sometime after 1030am.
the best part was that i was so hungry it tasted like the best scone and rasberry butter i had ever eaten in my life.
which says a lot.
b/c it always tastes really good.
just better when you're so hungry you could eat your arm.
the easter bunny forgot to leave our presents while we were sleeping.
did you know that if you lock your door, turn out your lights, and go to bed he won't come down the chimney and leave out your chocolates and lollies?
wait, i think i have that wrong...
so he hopped in while the pork loin watched curious george,
and left him his presents and chocolates on his breakfast tray.
max was SUPER excited about the entire ordeal.
and her tummy time.
she slept from 830pm-430am last night.
too bad she didn't want to sleep anymore after that.
at 6am i finally pulled her onto my pillow and cuddled up to her face.
we slep until 830am.
i was ready to explode so i woke her up to eat.
she's still tired.
gram's favorite.

we forgot the cadburry cream eggs.


brennan is spending conference taking pictures of us on the scout master's phone camera.

dad's going to spend the rest of the day erasing the 57 pictures brennan took of the carpet.

better than the 30 minute tantrum.


Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Dear Em,
Okay, first off..Max is getting cuter and cuter everyday. Secondly, Brennan is adorable, of course. And third...you HAVE to post the recipe of your scones and raspberry butter!!! I was going to try making it this year for conference, and no recipe! So, I think that I have the scones figured out (I think I have a similar recipe?) but the butter, no clue. Fill me in. Please.
The End.
**aren't you glad you just read this novel?!

Kindra said...

Please tell me how you get your baby to sleep that long...please!

Jess said...

Conference with an 8 year old was almost perfect this year- it was puzzles and other quiet things, with lots of loud candy eating. I love that tenderloin ate an m&m with a fork- he's my kind of man!

Tiffany said...

Oh, I just wanna eat your little Max up!! She is precious!

Sue said...

Good job on the sleeping. Hurray for Max!


Amy said...

Yay for the sleeping baby! And I cannot believe your easter bunny actually wraps the gifts. Amazing.

Kelseyalice said...

what is that pink stuff???