"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

maybe we already are.

these are the days that make up for all of the hard ones.
this is when brennan found the camera.
and wanted to take a picture of max and me.
i wasn't puckering.
i was saying, "push it right there."
but only made it to the "p" in "push" before he figured it out himself.
max is too strong for the swaddle at naps now.
we wrap her up, she goes right to sleep.
then when the sleep cycles switch, Houdini gets her arms out.
then they flail.
binky pops out.
baby awake.
not the toy.
real life.
or was that baby alive???
panda binky, work.your.magic!
let her cry it out with the panda when she woke up halfway through her mid-day nap.
an hour and 15 min of crying and 10 trips back to her bed to pat her bum, tell her i love her, and to go "night, night," and it was time to eat again.
that went well.
guess we'll try again tomorrow.
as opposed to brennan, i actually can't hear her crying in the front room.
but for some reason,
it hurts more.
she'll learn.
and we'll all live happily ever after.
or maybe we already are.


Kindra said...

Matthew can now get out of his swaddle too, so not a fun "milestone"! Don't they understand they sleep better swaddled, silly babies!

Amy said...

nap time is so hard! Living with the in laws means she never gets to cry herself to sleep as she is always in someone's arms. Good luck tomorrow.
And what a great picture Brennan took! Love the pose. ;)

The Jackson Family said...

Be thankful that she's able to nap on her own during naps. I used to have to hold Tyler during his naps because he wouldn't stay asleep when I tried putting him down and would start crying unconsolably. When he was 5 months old and figured out he was a tummy sleeper, I starting putting him down for his naps on his tummy and he would stay asleep. Now he doesn't even have to be asleep for me to put him down for his daily nap or bedtime, he winds himself down. SUCH a relief!

How long do you plan to swaddle? Tyler told us when he was done when he flipped over onto his tummy at 5 months. Took a few nights of adjusting since we were so used to swaddling at bedtime, but it worked for him!

Jess said...

I love story time, it's the best time of all. Smart of you to see your happily ever after while you're living it, not many do.

Emmy said...

Yes it is much easier when they just sleep all of the time :). Though then they are eating every three hours :(

Sue said...

Good for you! And you're right; she will learn.

Then you will all live happily ever after.