"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, June 25, 2010

friday high day.

the pork loin put the pepperoni on.
he also snuck some cheese.
and rolled himself with the rolling pin from top to bottom.
max slept on shannon.
the doc brought home his first real paycheck.
cousin johnny showed up with what he claimed were 6,000 hockey trading cards.
to be organized and divided.
i loved listening to them talk.
shushing each other b/c "the babies are sleeping!"
sat on the couch with the doc,
played laser tricks on the boys.
"hey guys, my cards light up!"
realized all children's play toys are made with the same 4 colors.
the party is over.
the doc is doing dishes.
i'm exhausted.
is it time to do it all over again yet?


Sue said...

Sure! Why not?


Emmy said...

Soundsvfun and the food looks good

keri said...

Is that your Wheat pizza you made, or do you have another recipe for another dough? And what is that stuffed thing in the picture? I need some new recipes and that food looks REALLY good! Email me!

Amy said...

What a fun night! And I love having pizza friday! I think I stole that tradition from either you or Nie. Either way, my family (and in-laws) have all been thanking me for it. I guess I should pass the thanks on to you.