"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 16, 2010

even scalp massages

by 11:30am brennan had fallen in the pool,
pooped on the carpet,
and fallen down the concrete stairs into our apartment.
i went into the pool after him,
fully dressed.
fllip flops and all.
bree and her babies turned us around with cheese pizza and sonic drinks.
thank goodness,
b/c i had given the day an F before noon.
family night.
it's all about the kindling, the scout master tells me.

have you ever put a
reese's peanut butter cup in your smore?
you should.

then i was reminded that there was still poo on my carpet.
i was reminded b/c i found poo on max's head.
different from the poo on my carpet.
we still don't know how the poo got on her head.
my vote was dog poo on a blade of grass.
so we spent the late hours shampooing it out.
of the carpet.
max's head was scrubbed.
and combed.
bless her.
and for some reason,
it still feels like we had a great day.
from the kirby vacuum shampoo-er manual,
i give you, the funniest manual you've ever read...
"The massage cup provides an invigorating skin or scalp massage. It can also be used to clean the floors of cars."
that was one complete paragraph folks.
it does it all.
even scalp massages.
or cleaning the floors of your car.
i tried neither.*
*see picture from earlier today of my backseat.


The Jackson Family said...

I love how Sean is ever so lovingly gripping the back of Brennan's shirt when he's roasting marshmallows.

Em said...

Seriously, after a day like today we figured he was bound to end up in that fire if we weren't careful. So glad the second half of the day was anti-climatic.

keri said...

Wow, what a day! You guys need to come down and roast some starbursts over the fire with us one night. I've never tried the reeses, but I'm going to now!
Hope today goes better for you. I'm home ALL DAY LONG if you guys want to come down. :)

Sue said...

The Loin had a rough go. Glad it ended well for him, with the s'mores.

Funny about the Kirby...


Amy said...

I think I would have gone back to bed around noon if that had been my day. Good thing you didn't as it looks like your day got a whole lot better. Those s'mores look divine! Trials in all things pertaining to motherhood, right?

Jess said...

strawberry mallow s'mores. try them you'll like them

Emmy said...

Glad he was okay! That would be scary. Glad you managed to see it as a good day.

Missy said...

practically crying from laughter over here looking at loin in hog paradise, "this is definitely the life. a kid couldn't be happier" i think smores is his new middle name.