"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 16, 2010

the state of my backseat.

at some point in the last i don't know when,
the state of the backseat of my car became this.
not that i can really blame the kids.
b.c i'm remembering that in high school my backseat had a similar appearance.
except, instead of dinosaurs and cars,
it was pom poms, glitter, math homework, and megaphones.
do you think i can get the scout master to clean it out for me???
i may have an idea...
more later.
ground breaking news!
my tv has not been on since saturday night.
i don't know how,
but it's true.
no one has noticed.
it was not on purpose.
someone give us an award!
warm days and cool nights.
we're finally to the part of summer i love.
the part where it's almost fall.
my pumpkin spice candle is already burning.
and it smells fantastic.


Sue said...

I'm in the mood for fall, too.

My back seat used to look like that, but somehow, my hubby finally broke me of it.

Now it's clean as a whistle! (I think it's been his only success in retraining me.)



Jess said...

OOh- I can't wait for fall- flip flops and sweaters.

Hopefully Sean will be a superhero and clean it out!

And yes swimming this week! the usual?

Amy said...

I think people with clean back seats are my heroes. I just cleaned out my car and we are on day 3 of cleanliness. I give it two more days before I am expecting disaster. And yay for the television vacation! I give you a gold star.

And the best part of summer is here. My pumpkin candles are burning now, making me want the fall all the more.