"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 20, 2010

madder than a wet hen.

my babies both have fevers.
the pork loin watched robin hood 3 times today.
the best thing about sick babies is guilt free tv watching.
another movie?
why yes, i'd love to put one on for you.
your 7th popsicle?
max didn't spike until dinner.
one minute she was chuckling,
the next minute she was madder than a wet hen.
fortunately, we've had no upchucking.
fevers i can handle.
upchucking is not in my job description.
everyone's on bubblegum motrin,
with a side of sleep.
max was so hot that she lost her clothes privileges.
maybe my computer has a fever.
where can i insert the motrin?
the scout master was beside himself tonight
when it was discovered that i'd never seen the movie airplane.
am i alone in this?
also, max has a full 1/2 inch of hair.
i may have to throw a celebratory party.
or just pull out the gel.
too soon for the blow dryer?


Sue said...

Hope they are both well VERY soon.


Gilbert Family said...

youre hilarious. puking is NOT allowed. hang in there!

The Jackson Family said...

I hope both babies get well very soon. And I haven't seen Airplane either ;)

beck said...

Oh Ryan has had several heart attacks when he hears I} haven't seen many movies he terms classics. Hope the kiddos are better quick! Not looking forward to child catching each other's illnesses.

Emmy said...

All of those reasons are why I sometimes wish for a sick day :)

Sarah said...

Emily, I LOVE your blog! You're hysterical:) Laney is pretty bald too, but I am VERY proud of her full 1/2 inch of hair as well. Even though friends say, "she still doesn't have much hair does she..." Really people come on. BTW, I'm with you, never even heard of airplane.