"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, March 1, 2009

couped up

have you ever been couped up somewhere?
we are couped up.
rsv is a respiratory infection and is highly contagious.
brennan is not allowed to leave his room. ever.
that means no walks down the hall.
no sunshine.
no fresh air.
i didn't think one could actually survive without these things.
all hospital personnel have to wear masks, gloves, and these lovely yellow smocks.
when brennan sees them put on the yellow smocks he starts crying and reaches for sean and i.
he knows what's coming with the yellow smocks.
i'm hiding with sean's laptop, down some hallway on the 3rd floor.
it's quiet and surprisingly doesn't smell like a hospital.
if i'm feeling sad for brennan i just walk down this hallway.
there is a playroom for children with long term illnesses...makes brennan look pretty darn healthy.
some good news for today...
brennan has been taken off of IV fluids:-)
his IV is still in as a precaution, but has not been used since yesterday afternoon.
they took him off of the IV fluids after one of his diapers weighed in at 4 pounds.
brennan's nurse has been trying to ween him off of his oxygen today.
he is down to .25
translation=lowest amount of oxygen you can be on:-)
good thing too b/c he has resorted to pulling off every tube attached to him today.
he has not needed the deep suction at all, just the snazzy bulb.
the doc says the only thing holding us here is the oxygen.
his lungs sound great, i am told.
still some wheezing.
the nurse thinks we'll be out of here tomorrow morning:-)
i just saw a little boy in hospital jammies walking with his IV pole down the hall...makes me realize that i took my healthy childhood for granted.
brennan has the same hospital jammies.
boy do i have a darling picture for you!
they tie in the back, so cute.
no cord to upload my pictures:-(
i've grown as a parent this week.
all of a sudden i don't feel 16 anymore.
i feel 35.
to me, 35 means you're adult.
a grown up.
at the expense of a 2 mile post i will end.
my hall is getting noisy, and i'm pretty sure sean might need a break from the coup.
don't get me wrong, the coup is great.
the coup saved my little brennan's life.
we LOVE the coup.
but sometimes you've just gotta fly the coup!

tWo notes before i go:
1. the rasberry lemonade in the cafeteria knocks my socks off, especially with a few squirts of fresca--wowza!
2. i can't find the ":" on my new phone. only the ";" so if you get only winks from me in texts when a smile would be more fitting, just know i'm a 100% winker now;-)
what in the crap is going on in the world??!!
i haven't seen tv since thursday.


Ryan & Melissa said...

I feel your middle-aged pain. I feel 50. It's amazing how one minute you're carefree and indestructable - then the next changed forever. Glad you're finding things to smile about. Positivity is an expression of gratitude. You're doing great. Love you, Em.

Fiauna said...

I'm glad you found the cafeteria. I used to work on the third floor at PCMC--back before PCMC was cool,(the third floor was a scary place back then). Since then I have visited often as a parent. Not a fun experience. I hope you get to fly the coup soon! ; )

Sue said...

I'm glad your little dude is feeing energetic enough to be pulling those tubes out, and I will be hoping that you all get to go home tomorrow!

You have been doing a great job handling all of this, Emily. A good mommy.


Brooke said...

after I saw all the comments on facebook I knew if I came here I would get the full story! Emily I hope everything is alright! I know this must have been so hard! Hopefully you'll be able to take that cutie home soon!

Lisa said...

well i AM 50, and raising kids is "not for the weak". You are holding up great...sounds like he loves his mom&dad and looks to you for comfort, so sweet! You are on your way to good health!

Gilbert Family said...

what an experience! i am so glad that he is getting better. sorry he has to stay inside his room for so long. that bites. thanks for updating all us faithfull readers! take care!

Proudfeet said...

Emily! I cannot believe this! He was looking so good last week! I hope your stay will be as short as possible, and he will be good as new of course! What a tough little family! I am bringing you dinner this week, when you get out of course, I don't want to interfere with your cafeteria cuisine! So I will be watching for when you are out! Hang in there! And thank goodness for the sweet people at Primary's! My fam has spent many a nights there!

Winder Love said...

You're poor little boy! Hope he keeps getting better! Many prayers for you guys. I will for sure get you a CD. Just email me your address. Hang in there!

Natalie said...

Your family has not left my prayers. You are holding up amazingly well. You must be exhausted from all the "growth" you have experienced. I hope you can get home soon, and stay there!
Love and hugs!!!!

Chrissy said...

Every experience in life makes you stronger, this one should make you strong as an AMAZON. Your postive attitude is very uplifting and I only hope that if I ever have to go threw what you are going threw I am able to be as strong as you are. My prayers are with you and your family, I can't wait to read that everything is OK and everyone is back home -love Chrissy

Davis Family said...

Emily, I haven't checked your blog in awhile so I didn't know about Brennan. I'm so sorry that he has to go through all of that! I'm glad to hear he is doing better. Hang in there!