"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 11, 2011

this isn't really for men...maybe a little, but not like that.

weening max means mama needs a new bra.
actually, i got two.
one always needs to rest.
i'm a NEW woman.
make it a yearly ritual.
it's been mine since puberty.
thanks to mama sandie.
nordi's will treat you AND your ladies right.
trust me,
you're probably not wearing the right size.
treat yourself to a little valentine's day luster.
you can thank me later.
a new bra always feels so great.
and you lose at least 5lbs on the spot.
maybe 10.
no joke.
speaking of weight,
max weighed in at a whopping 18lbs. 15oz this morning for her one year old check.
we're up to the 15th percentile now.
and still in the infant seat turned backwards.
brennan weight 19.1lbs at 6 months.
and 25lbs at a year.
just to put things into persepctive.
oh, little pork loin,
how you've thinned out.
maybe little miss max will pork out?
she was definitely no loinette.
or maybe she was.
if loin means lean.
b/c lean she is.
i love these kids.


aubrey said...

Hahaha... my girlie was the same way. She didn't weight 20lbs till she was 18 months old. And she cut her first tooth the day before we sent her to nursery at church. I had to send special baggies of finely diced snacks for her...

McVal said...

I have a nursing bra that is my favorite! I accidently bought it when my kids were way past nursing... But my hubs liked it... And it does fit really well. I feel special in it. ;) It is time tho for me to to find a few more good fitting ones.
Enjoy yours!

Emmy said...

Ryder was 18 lbs 14 oz when I took him in a couple of weeks ago. :). But hey it is good and cute for girls to be cute and petite.

MiMi said...

Um. McVal? TMI. LOLOL!!!
I may need to go get a new bra then. Never got one from Nordstrom. :)

The Wilson Family said...

A new bra sounds perfect. Haven't had a kid for 3 years I think I deserve it :) congrats on having 2 big kids. Can you believe our boys are almost 3? JJ is next week...its breaking my heart. :)

The Jackson Family said...

After baby is born and weight is gone, I'm treating myself to new bras and panties! I've never been properly measured before, maybe that'll be part of the treat, too :)

Gilbert Family said...

thanks for sharing/reminding me. i am in desperate need of a big girl bra. not nursing so i shouldnt wear those kind any more. nordys always makes me feel fancy, but cant really afford that store. some day...

Sue said...

It really is good to get fitted with a good bra now and again. We do have a tendency to buy the wrong sizes. Remember that Oprah show?


Amy said...

What a great yearly ritual. I need to adopt it. And what a dainty princess you have.