"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 23, 2011

max got bored pretty quickly, until she realized there was something inside.

the easter bunny texted me on thursday night.
said the weekend would be partly cloudy,
with a chance of rain.
maybe meatballs.
we agreed,
better safe than sorry.

i hope they got them all.
counting how many got put out was an afterthought.


Sue said...

I used to hide them in my house instead of outside, so I carefully wrote down how many real eggs, candy eggs, etc. Otherwise, we would never have found them.

The last thing I needed was a rotten egg behind the couch...There were enough "interesting" smells in my house in those days!


Alicia said...

We did a huge family egg hunt today too. Love holiday traditions with kids!

keri said...

We had our Easter egg hunt down at my parents today. Maddie had so much fun!
P.S I need to get me some of those sports eggs. Soooo cute!

Lisalulu said...

its actually really fun when you DON"T get them all... come July there are some yummy melted chocolate!!!

Emmy said...

Cute cute pictures! And yes the stuff inside makes it all worth it

Amy said...

I love your pictures! Beautiful. They capture the moment. What fun!