"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, April 21, 2011

this also doesn't really have anything to do with easter...BUT it still counts as festive.

this year i learned,
the more vinegar,
the brighter the color.
you probably knew that already.
but now i do.

the kids lasted about 5 minutes.
7 tops.
which meant i got to explore my creative outlets while they rode around on bikes with mama C.
GiGi bought the tye-dye kit this year.
told me to read the box and figure out how to do it.
i didn't read the box.
despite them advertising "5 easy steps!"
it's never that way for me.
i waited for Carla to read the box and tell me how to do it.
kind of like chemistry in high school.
and physics for that matter
so she started explaining.
i listened to the first part.
my brain can only retain what it can visualize.
about 2-3 steps.
one if it sounds complicated.
b/c if there's a part i don't understand my brain gets stuck on that part trying to figure it out.
and i tune everything out after that point.
even if they keep explaining,
i'm not hearing it.
don't EVER try to give me directions over the phone to somewhere i've never been before.
it won't be pretty.
the more i think about it,
the more it reminds me of how i was in chemistry.
then GiGi wanted to know how to do it.
"what did the box say em?"
so i told her,
"drop the color on the egg, smoosh it around with the baggy, and stop before it turns brown."
so she said,
"before it turns brown? is that what the box said?"
no comment.

i mean really,
who doesn't like dying easter eggs?


Alicia said...

Fun activities for the day! It's got to be so nice to have your mom there for a while to give you some extra hands! I'm not sure that I'd ever be brave enough to do that with my girls without someone else around! :) Cute designs!

Sue said...

Me! I don't like coloring Easter eggs.

There, I've said it.


McVal said...

I did not know that about the vinegar! I always used it but only a teaspoon or so.
Cool! We'll be coloring tomorrow morning so this is good to know...

Amy said...

I actually did not know about that! I tried it this year. An important thing to note. Make sure to put enough vinegar in before you put the eggs in. Otherwise, weird things happen. I can't explain it but the color peeled off?
You live and you learn, right?