"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this really has nothing to do with easter.

for the last three nights,
i have been shamelessly eating the kid's easter bunny candy.
in the basement.
not eating it in the basement.
i actually eat it on the couch.
with a big bottle of water.
i just go down into the basement to get it.
i rustle through bags of different versions i've hidden away.
all if which contain Reese's peanut butter.
although i did buy one bag of the ones that change your lips into pastel colors.
when the easter bunny tells me to do his shopping
he doesn't get to be picky about what i buy.
it's kind of like if someone asks you to bring mashed potatoes to dinner.
they can't tell you to take the skins off.
i'm bringing 'em.
i'm making 'em the way i like 'em.
so i get to leave the skins on.
besides 80% of the vitamins and nutrients are in the skins anyway.
and i hate searching for my potato peeler.
and they look prettier that way.
AND i always cut myself peeling them.
this i why i never peel 'em.
so then i bring up my little peanut butter treasure from the basement.
and eat them from the outside in.
b/c while necessary,
the chocolate is merely something to get through to the good stuff,
and compliment what's really important.
the peanut butter.
first, there's the standard mini cup.
which i feel obligated to buy.
i can take them or leave them,
b/c they are year round.
again, still obligated to buy.
b/c i love their pretty little easter pastel wrappers.
what i'm REALLY at the grocery store to buy is what i think you are excited to buy too.
unless you're allergic to peanut butter,
in which case you probably stopped reading before now.
THE eggs folks.
i'm talking about THE EGGS.
not cadburry.
i'm talking REESE'S.
this is surly not about cadburry.
the big fat ones, that only come out at easter, i KNOW you know those.
full of peanut butter reese's filling.
{insert choir of angels singing now}
they are my favorite.
the eggs,
not the singing angels.
although the two go hand in hand.
they are so satisfying that they don't need pretty little pastel wrappers.
they are unique.
they stand alone.
and finally this year i found the little Reese's eggs (i bought TWO bags).
almost thought they were the nestle crunch eggs.
same look at the nestle crunch eggs.
no sir,
they are not.
they are tiny little reese's eggs.
i do not discriminate.
i walk the easter asile.
with eyes a'glow.
and when it says "Reese's" i say "YES PUH-LEEZ."
capital P.
no matter the shape or form.
sometimes two times a bag.
b/c for some reason the people at Reese's finally get it right at easter.
and when i say "it,"
i mean,
they FINALLY put enough of that peanut butter filling into one lovely little yellow wrapper.
less chocolate,
more peanut butter.
and it got me thinking.
maybe that's what congress needs right now.
Reese's peanut butter easter eggs.
selling like hot cakes.
to boost the economy.
the deficit goes down,
economy goes up.
hmmm...health insurance would still be a problem though.
not sure Reese's peanut butter eggs could fix that.
although, maybe if everyone were buying AND eating them while discussing health care they would all be in a better mood.
sugar does increase brain productivity.
or was that just carbs...
that's what i told myself in college.
maybe that would explain the extra 15 pounds freshmen year.
or was it 20...?
i forget.
no matter,
all world problems fixed.
by the Reese's peanut butter egg.
you're welcome in advance.


jen said...

I've had to re-buy peanut butter eggs for the Easter baskets this year--twice. Not good for the ole butt, if ya know what I mean.

aubrey said...

Those are my favorite too! So far I have resisted opening the bag and breaking the emotional barrier... I wouldn't be able to keep myself from eating them one right after the other. :)

Sue said...

I agree. We buy them every year!

(But I haven't picked any up yet...I'm waiting till Saturday so I can resist them till Sunday, when I finally get to give up my sugar fast!)


keri said...

Mmmmmm... reeeeesesssss...:) Though, I will also admit that I'm a huge sucker for Cadburry eggs. This year I've been out of control. I haven't done the Easter bunny's candy shopping yet, because I think I'd eat it ALL before Easter. Did you see the BIG REESES EGGS?!?! They are like 4 bucks for just one, but I'm thinking that the bunny just might bring one to my basket this year, ;)

Jennifer Lucita said...

My co-worker and I had this discussion and are convinced the Reese's Eggs are WAY tastier than regular Reese's.

Also, I always leave the peels on my mashed potatoes as well. Definitely easier, healthier & tastier. My fav is using the red potatoes.

I think you must have been on a sugar high while writing this post. I read it as if I was hearing the words come out of your mouth and you def sounded hyped up! Lol ;)

Lauren said...

I have them in a bowl at my office-- only I think I'm the one who has been eating most of them! ha-- they are THE best!

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

I got into Tali's yesterday! Of course I justified it in some way or another haha!

McVal said...

Sorry... I'm more of the Cadbury fake egg yoke KIND of person... But then again, I've never gotten the Reese's peanut butter eggs before... I'll have to pick some up!

Bree said...

Um...I've already re-bought those stupid eggs about 10 times...I've just bought my last bag, I can't guarantee that the eggs will make it into the Easter baskets. I've just got to make it through the next 4 days...don't know if I can do it

Kelsie said...

You are so funny. I miss you.

Kindra said...

I just found these
http://picky-palate.com/2010/03/25/reeses-peanut-butter-egg-cookies/ and called Jesse to bring home a few packages so I can make them tonight!!!!

Erin Ellsworth said...

They are my favorite too! I agree the more peanut butter the better.

Colleen said...

HaHaHaHa!!!! LOVE this. And LOVE the eggs. I bought three the other day: One for MacGyver, one for Punky, and one for me. But Punky was in the shower. Sooo . . . two for me!

And the potatoes thing - SO with you on that!

Amy said...

As much as I really like you and think you are all kinds of great, I cannot even begin to agree with you on this topic. I don't do peanut butter unless it is Adams, and then, only on sandwiches with honey from my dad's hives. That is it. I am just not a peanut butter, stuck to the roof of your mouth, makes milk taste funny kind of girl. But I am glad it makes you happy. You can have all of the reeces I get this year, okay?

Alicia said...

I've decided not to go get Easter basket stuff until date night tomorrow night. Then we'll be in trouble...

Kelly said...

What is with these eggs? Em you described the situation perfectly!