"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, April 18, 2011

then we were blissfully happy again

the day before yesterday,
i was floating on my back in hanalei bay.
today was harder,
but man,
harder feels good.
 especially when i get to come home to these.
the trees too.
they are my very favorite tree.
i've been talking about how i wanted to plant one all winter.
guess what?
my street is lined with them.
such a treat.

except they smell gross.
BUT somewhere around 4pm i was ready to be back floating in that bay.
b/c both kids were crying.
it had been raining the ENTIRE day.
{insert WELCOME HOME from tropical paradise here}
and for some reason,
i had decided we didn't need the tv today.
b/c i haven't watched it in 7 days.
i had good intentions.
it was the "vacation self" talking.
the one who is motivated to be the "good mom."
remember her?
then the sun came out.
i stuffed everyone into a coat and shoes.
and life was blissfully happy again.
sun on our faces.
spring in our eyes.
until brennan INSISTED on pushing the stroller.
or standing in front of it to stop us every 5 feet.
to pay a passing toll.
or something.
that was annoying.
and darling.
all at the same time.
it's possible.
i know, b/c it's my brain that was doing the thinking at that very moment.
then blissfully happy again once i got him to race us.
except we weren't racing.
i'm brilliant.
it worked for 15 seconds.
i might be exaggerating on the time there.
but it DID work:)
until he got tired and wanted to ride in the stroller.
the single stroller.
which max was already in.
and then i remembered the PHIL & TED.
which i don't have,
but was wishing i had.
or least wishing i had my double stroller with me.
so i told him to hop in the basket below.
right on top of the big fat warning label which surely read,
which i of course ignored.
and then we were blissfully happy again.
see the bipolar mama that truly lives within me?
love her.
with lightening mcqueen riding on the handle bars.
all three tires flat.
and two kids riding in the single stroller.
i had what i would call a good work out.
that's what it was.
and i felt super chic and genius being so creative.
when we got home i weeded more of my yard.
the kids played in the mud.
and then it started to rain.
i put my face up to the sky and felt like i was in hawaii again.
but with my kids laughing all around me.
a rainbow even came out.
right above us.
it was heaven.
b/c anywhere the people i love are with me is heaven.
even on a rainy day.
time to go catch up on my DVR.
enough with the tv fast already.
have mercy.


Sue said...

Yep, you are well and truly home now.


PS. I love those trees, too. We have them all over the place around here. Gorgeous!

McVal said...

LOL! GOtta get caught up on your stories!!!

Gorgeous blossoms on those trees!

keri said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but those tree's suck. Don't plant one in your yard! Sure they are pretty to look at in the spring, but like you said, They smell gross (Jeff calls them poop trees) and they are so brittle when they grow up that every time we get a heavy snow or a strong wind storm they lose HUGE branches. You should see Jeff's parents neighborhood after a big storm. It's like a disaster zone. His parents ripped theirs out because they got so sick of cleaning them up. Just sayin...

Amy said...

You make me smile. I love this post. Good for you for keeping the TV off and getting outside, despite the cold and the rain.

Alicia said...

Don't you love when your good intentioned walk doesn't turn out like you planned? We should go together sometime