"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, April 3, 2011

no power & snow

sometime after 2am our power went out.
until after 8 this morning.
i loved that the house was quiet.
but the cold made it hard to get out of bed.
it must have snowed all night.
i love when the snow coats the trees.
sunday morning conference.
brennan whined the entire morning.
and told me he doesn't like my scones.
or my raspberry butter.
at least max is still impressionable.
she ate hers right up.
it hasn't really stopped snowing all day.
perfect if you don't plan on going anywhere.
i love when we get to watch church all day.
in our pajamas:)
or a diaper.
he refused to get dressed.
and has been whining all day.
did i mention that already?
 but max is WALKING!!!
 like, FOR REAL!
and the snow is heavy.
really heavy and wet.
like it's making the tramp look like the center is going to sink into the ground.
not sure if that is better or worse than it flying away.
b/c yesterday it was so windy that it picked up our tramp and moved it 3 feet.
no joke.
i thought i was in kansas.
good thing sean ran out to hold it down before it blew over into our neighbor's yard.
sean and brennan shoveling the snow off of the tramp.
i guess this means we are definitely taking the tramp down during the winters.
and putting it back up in the spring.
that's one big weed to pull and plant every year.
good thing it is the greatest toy ever invented!!!


MiMi said...

I would be so mad if I woke up to snow this morning! LOL
LOVE the semi wedgie Beiber has going on there.

Sue said...

Wasn't the last session of conference great? I especially loved Elder Scott and Elder Holland's talks. Both were so moving!


Emmy said...

We face-timed with my in-laws this morning and they showed us all the snow. You are right there is something so pretty about that wet heavy snow that sticks to the trees like that, but brrrr! But it is conference weekend.

And Max walking! Congrats!

Amy said...

Max is walking! Such a fun day. And Brennan's diaper wedgie is making me laugh. :)

McVal said...

BRRR!!! We're in the 40s today and it is SOOO windy. The wind, in the past, HAS moved our trampoline all the way across our yard before. But last night the next got shredded instead.

Leslie said...

She is WALKING already?!? She is growing up way too fast. You have such ADORABLE kids. Cute how Brennan looks like Sean and Max looks exactly like you. Love it.

BENVANA said...

HA! diaper wedgie on Brennan!