"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a beth day

it was a beth day.
my favorite kind.
at some point it started thundering and lightening.
lit the house up.
then hailing.
big fat white hail.
we dropped everything and ran to the big room.
sat on the fainting couch (i love calling it that).
and watched the hail fall.
it bounced off of the grass like jumping beans.
white jumping beans.
on the thick green grass that came up this week.
i promised myself that i would be grouchy about the snow in april.
but i wasn't.
i'm still annoyingly happy about it.
my regrets to you all.
b/c it made the day feel great.
she made me these lovelies.
 oh happy day:)


The Jackson Family said...

You got the weather I expected us to have today! weather.com first said rain all day, then rain after 4pm, now no rain at all! Bummer, I love the rain.. when I'm inside, anyway ;)

Emmy said...

I wish I had a fainting couch now :). And definitely going to have to check out Beth's food blog

Sue said...

No wonder you like Beth days!


BENVANA said...

seriously, how can I schedule a Beth day? we shall at least make it a beth-recipe day

Amy said...

Fainting couches have such a wonderfully romantic feel to them, don't they?

That sounds like a dreamy day.