"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


missing: baby max!
found: toddler
i can't believe what a big girl i've got!
she did not like getting her hair done for the first time.
but after i had to put them back in 6 times before lunch,
she sat there and took it like a champ.
love her guts.


Camillia said...

Love her little skinny jeans! She's ADORABLE!

Emmy said...

Aw look at those little pigtails! And that is why I never do Alex's hair. I gave up after the second time.

Jennifer Lucita said...

I love the new font on your blog! Also love the pics of Miss Max :) She is the cutest thing!

Amy said...

I freakin' love her hair! And that is an idea for me to do to Faye's hair. She has been a strictly head band girl, because I don't know what to do with it.

And she is HUGE! It is sort of sad how fast they grow.

Lauren said...

Love the new layout! And oh do I hear you on this post!! haha It's fun though... Great in some ways, kind of sad in others-- the first glimpse at them not being the "baby" anymore... at least to me.

Kindra said...

Amen Sister! I forgot what if felt like to see your baby not a baby anymore, guess that's cause I was pregnant again at this point. I can not even imagine that happening now...maybe in a year.
Love Love Love your new font! How did you do that?
She really does look so big standing up there!

jen said...

What about her buns in those jeggings? Sooo pinchable.

The Jackson Family said...

OMG baby skinny jeans! LOVE!

McVal said...

Too cute! Is she wearing Jeggings??

BENVANA said...

love the jeggings! And her little spiky pigtails!