"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, May 30, 2011

two sets of muddy paws {happy memorial day}

 max took a liking to uncle bob.
she sat by his grave the entire time we were there.
didn't leave his side.
wiped the dirt off his tombstone with her hands.
it was really cute. 
the weather has not been cooperating.
we knew it wasn't going to.
but seeing as it's june tomorrow,
i'd hoped we were going to get a little something nice.
especially since the groundhog said so.
boy was that little varmint wrong this year.
i heard an elderly woman talking to a man in the ice cream section at the grocery store on saturday night.
saying, "this is portland weather. portland! have you tried the Tillamock ice cream?"
i have.
it's amazing.
not the portland weather.
the ice cream.
so the sandbox is almost dug out.
and the rain is starting.
which means i have two sets of muddy clothes sitting on my back steps.
two sets of muddy boots.
and two sets of muddy paws.
which means the basement is calling.
and i shouldn't have mopped my floors.
have mercy. 


Amy said...

Snow! In nearly June! Disgusting, that is what I think.

Max is darling.

Good luck with your sand box. Once it is done it will be hours of fun though.

keri said...

Love that Ice cream!!!

keri said...

The cheese too! We go to the Tillamook cheese (and Ice cream) factory every time we are in Oregon. Samples galore!!

The Jackson Family said...

There's still one more day of May, but still, snow's gotta go!

Love the shots with Uncle Bob and the flags!

McVal said...

Great pictures! We did the cemetary service thing too. The kids used to jump up at the end and collect as many shot gun shells as they could. Those guns used to make me jump!

Sue said...

Great Memorial Day pics of your kids!