"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 2, 2011

how things grow.

 testing out our sprinklers.
 step 1: 
brennan did it. must be exciting.
 step 2: ooooo, really exciting!
 step 3: this is AMAZING!
step 4: wait a minute,what WAS that?! 
lesson learned;)
i have LOTS of green beans poking through the soil today.
it's pretty great.
i've been fighting the urge to lay on the grass and stare at them all day.
it's just so spectacular.
how things grow.


Sue said...

I like to watch things grow too.

Children AND string beans.


Erin Ellsworth said...

Looks like fun. My kids have been begging for sprinklers, but it has not been warm enough yet here.

Meghan said...

Do you guys a have a buybuybaby there? I hope so because its the best store ever. Anyways, I just got the munchkin a cool speedo looking reusable swim diaper. Like a regular reusable diaper but with a rad design. And its approved for all pools. We'll see about that. It was only ten bucks so it wasn't a huge investment. I'll let you know if it's good... maybe Miss Max would prefer it over the regular soggy kind.

McVal said...

:) My kids won't be running thru sprinklers this year. Too many dogs...
Looks great and refreshing! She'll get the hang of it eventually!

Amy said...

How are your kids not FREEZING?! It is still to cold for us. Soon, though. And that is stinking funny. I love that she wants to do everything Brennan does.