"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, June 3, 2011

i didn't wear orange for almost 10 years after high school.

planning my 10 yr
high school reunion
is taking over my life.
just ask sean.
it's been really fun:)
click here to see what i've been up to.
of course i volunteered to run the reunion blog.
yours truly,
voted most school spirited for the class of 2001
{will have to find that pic for your entertainment}
2nd from the left: me
with neon orange pants.
and orange lens sunglasses,
which you can thankfully NOT see.
holding my throw away camera.
which i always had on me.
not much has changed about that.
except the digital part of everything.
then karen.
then alexis.
danielle in the back with the yellow balloon crown.
dawna to her right?
where's paige???
behnd the camera.
i think.
and aris???
and JAX?!
probably dressed up in the sumo suits.
SO embarrassing.
bunch of crazy kids.
man, i can't wait to see my friends again:)


Susan Anderson said...

Hope you have a great time both getting ready for and attending the reunion.


The Jackson Family said...

Wow, sometimes I forget how blonde you were!

Cassie K said...

That cracks me up! I just started wearing orange again about a year ago! Go Get Em Orange!!!

Amy said...

:) Ah, class reunions. My school colors were cardinal and silver. I think orange is way better. It is happier.

Macey said...

Oh man! We had sumo suits at our grad party too. LOL Our theme was Monte Carlo. We thought we were so cool.

Mrs. D said...

yep, that's me right behind you... feels like a lifetime ago :) thanks for organizing!