"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 20, 2011

KELVIS {a photo gallery}

auntie kelsey brought her new hubs Travis to our place for a visit this weekend.
we partied hard.
and they've declared our children were great birth control.
i beg to differ;)
how could you not want some of these???
max stood and watched kelsey do her hair for ten minutes.
didn't move a muscle.
and brennan followed travis around like a fly on meat.
we spent the next 48 hours outside.
no really, we almost did.
olympic park:
aerial ski jump show & the alpine slides.
max fell asleep on the ride up to park city.
no surprise.
brennan was ENTRANCED with the ski jumpers.
and declared he wanted to ski into the water too.
in fact,
he whined
and whined
and whined
and whined
and then whined some more about how much he wanted a turn,
that we picked up a flier and have marked our calendars for the summer after he turns 8.
 can you see the jumper?!?
i could have watched them do this all day.
i was really worried about my flip flops falling off on the chair lift.
i was.
and relieved that brennan's had straps.
these are the things that were going through my mind.
and then brennan snapped me out of it by telling me,
"mom, this is so beautiful up here."
i really love him.
he said "whee" the entire mile down.
i didn't want it to end.
max was too short to ride.
so we took turns waiting with her at the bottom.
 it appears i went slower than sean.
according to brennan.
i followed the breaking signs.
i mean really,
i was not going to be the chick who flipped her seat off of the track with the lap riding toddler.
turns out i was the only one out of all of us to slow down in the "breaking" sections.
the next day we hit the pool.
and then had to say goodbye.
and now i feel like i could sleep for a week straight.
i loved having my sister in the room next to mine again.
getting opinions on outfits.
hair bows.
and sitting around straightening our hair.
we stayed up late eating cookie dough,
talking about making "mud pies" outside dad's 7-11 in san bruno,
and how adam and i used to make her drink the "mystery drinks" we concocted when the babysitter was over.
raw egg
Tabasco sauce
chocolate sauce.
dessert of champions!
man i hope brennan doesn't do that to max.
but it was really funny at the time.
and it is still pretty funny now:)
bon voyage kelsey and travis!
such a great trip.


Sue said...

Fun post. You guys had a great time!


Amber said...

The only ski jumps I've seen are in the LP Olympic Park here in NY and they make me nauseous just looking at them. I couldn't imagine watching a little kid go down them, haha What a nice mom you are - even if he has to wait a few years! :)

Looks like it was a great couple of days!!!

keri said...

I didn't know your sister got married. Last I heard she moved to India of someplace like that. Sisters are the best! And that slide looks sooooo fun!

The Jackson Family said...

Wow, I would love to go down that slide! Not sure if Tyler would stay still long enough unless I had him bungee-corded to me or something!

Emmy said...

I would have totally been breaking too. Looks like such a fun time. And yes, it would be so fun to watch them do practice their jumps.

Amy said...

The picture of the ski lift terrified me! I hate heights. Other than that, oh my goodness, what fun! I love having my little sister visit. I am glad you were able to spend so much awesome time with her.

Ital Meditations said...

Great pics, we had a great time! Soo glad we got to visit :)

We will try to send our pics soon!