"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 23, 2011

that little shave ice shack

nothing compares to the wishing well on kauai,
but on a hot day we are easy to please.
especially when it only costs a $1.
we sat there in the shade making a huge mess of
tiger's blood, sour apple, and cream.
you must always get cream on top.
and ice cream on the bottom if your wallet is extra full.
or if it's after dinner.
brennan made friends with jen.
the shave ice lady.
and was completely convinced she lived in that little shave ice shack.
even though we kept telling him that she didn't.
i want to know what rock n roll tastes like.
i wonder if anyone's really tried every flavor?
all i know is that next time i'm going to pick my flavor
and then order the same one for the kids 
b/c they both couldn't keep their straws out of mine.
and when all was said and done i had poured half of mine and half of max's into brennan's,
and he had pawned off his sour apple with cream onto max.
after he had already eaten half.
god bless jen at the shave ice shack.
for letting us sit in the shade and spill all over.


Anonymous said...

YOU are just TOO cute! fun to see your beautiful kids enjoy the summer time.........thanks! Julie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Hurry and get here.
Love Dad

Kelly C said...

I absolutely love your blog posts Emily! Always bring a smile to my face!

Wendy Williams said...

I always get a kick out of Max and her sticky, chubby cheeks! So cute!!!

Amy said...

Tigers blood is the best flavor. Why venture out to others?
You really know how to make a summer dreamy for your kids.

Note to self: take a page out of Emily's book on Summer Fun.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Love that you let your beautiful kids be kids.