"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 25, 2011

he told me so

we went to the zoo yesterday, and i don't think we looked at one animal.
ok wait,
the giraffes.
when i had to go wash my hands in the bathroom of the giraffe house.
yes, that's right.
we looked at them then.
but nothing else.
b/c the fake dinosaurs were the only thing the kids were interested in.
they ran past the monkeys.
the elephants.
the snake house (thank goodness--SO HOT in the snake house).
the stinky tigers (again, thank goodness).
and the camels.
we did get the ice cream.
and the carousel.
they thought the dinosaurs were real.
the t-rex still has brennan shaking in his boots.
he hid under the stroller when it growled.
and max jumped out of her seat.
for real.
all of the babies were crying.
and some toddlers too.
it was pretty scary.
another one squirts water.
i liked that part.
brennan rode the cheetah racer on the carousel.
max the zebra.
she kept turning around and waving at brennan.
it has made it into my top ten favorite moments of life.
{which at some point will be more than ten, but i will still say top 10 b/c it sounds more special that way}
and we chose the orange swirl ice cream.
i thought i was going to share one with max.
i thought wrong.
it was hot.
and the misters were heaven sent.
we walked around the mist circle twice.
before the bathroom.
and twice after the bathroom.
the kids found dinosaur bones in the sand pit.
brennan wants to go back to the zoo to see the dinosaurs.
b/c they were real.
he told me so.


The Jackson Family said...

The waving picture is in my top 10 favorite pictures of your kids :)

Kindra said...

Sweet girl, love the pony tail!

Sue said...

Those misters are the coolest invention ever!


Brooke said...

we haven't beenback to see the dinosaurs in forever! Haven't been with you guys in forever either! When do you want to play this week? It'll be 86 up here on Tuesday :)

Emmy said...

Well if he says so it must be true :). Is that a traveling Dino exhibit? If so we saw the same one when it was in So Cal.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, the Zoo and the Dinosaur park mixed into one? I HAFTA go!
Your kids crack me up. They are adorable. I love the picture of them with the ice cream.