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Saturday, October 29, 2011

JUNK IN THE TRUNK {phase 1 of halloween}

i am not sure if it is JUST a mormon halloween tradition,
but if you are mormon you definitely go to this every year.
the annual TRUNK or TREAT.
dress up.
drive to the church.
pop your trunk.
some decorated trunks.
some not.
pass out candy all in a row of parked cars.
=lots of candy.
i love seeing the trunks that are decked out.
we did not deck.
but our kids did.
cannot wait for monday:):):)

 mr. and mrs. potato head's family was complete with buzz, woody, jessie, barbie, and little bo peep.
they were my favorite themed group.

{until Monday when the big event ensues.
any guesses on our theme?
no cheating if you already know!!!}


Gilbert Family said...

so cute!!! looks like so much fun

Sue said...

Ah, yes. The trunk or treat.

Good times!


Emmy said...

Yep definitely a Mormon thing. Love the potato head family.

Lisalulu said...

oh yeah!~love trunk or treat- in the dark! with lights.. and your family theme??? spider man and Dorothy?? what? I'm going with the wizard of Oz