"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

max was here.

max was missing.
who knows for how long.
i was vacuuming.
and then i was making mac and cheese.
i swore she was watching Aladdin with the boys.
she wasn't.
then i found her.
playing in the toilet like she was a cat in the fish bowl.
with her shirt and a 3 foot radius soaked in "fish bowl" water.
it was gross.
and funny.
in a gross "oh no" i can't help laughing kind of way.
so i closed the door.
washed max's hands.
stripped off her shirt.
ate a pot of mac and cheese with the kids.
and two hours later remembered i had half a roll of wet toilet paper laying on the floor in my bathrooms upstairs.
with a 3 foot radius of pooling water.
thank you beach towels and paper garbage bags:)
and soap.


jen said...

But that's why they're cute, so that we don't strangle them on such days as this!

Lauren said...

OH man-- I worry about this exact scenario daily!! Carson loves to flush the toilet and close the lid, and lately has been asking to sit on the potty too (though nothing ever happens!)... Then this weekend Will changed out the old yucky toilet paper holders that came with the house and Carson watched, and now he wants to "fix" them like Daddy every chance he gets! I'm just waiting for the day that he discovers it's water in the bowl!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!

keri said...

LOL!!! My bathroom also looked just like that today. But I was a little luckier because he just got the toilet paper and didn't get in the actual bowl. Those days are coming and I'm scared!

The Wilson Family said...

silly girl!!! good that she's interested in the toilet..no good she's good at being sneaky :)

Sue said...

But she sure is CUTE trouble...