"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 24, 2011

october is my mistress this week.

the leaves were rolling through the streets today when we drove to target.
the wind was colder.
and i felt like i would have enjoyed my coat.
or at least a sweater.
especially in the shade.
max put her hood up and buried her face into my neck until we got into the store.
thirty seconds of heaven:)
i bought tomato soup at costco b/c my soul is screaming grilled cheese.
this is the week of the year where october becomes everyone's mistress.
lusting for its air.
and smells.
i can't stop thinking about candied apples dipped in white chocolate and rolled in chopped oreos.
jack-o-lanterns glowing,
and the smell of candles burning inside of them.
so before i give into my christmas music yearnings,
it's one more week of lusting with fall.


Sue said...

What a darling pic of you and Max!


Tiffany said...

Love the picture of you and Max! What a sweetheart!!

The Wilson Family said...

love it. every bit.

Lauren said...

Aww-- so cute of you and Max.
Wishing for some fall air over here! Send it my way!

Amy said...

I love your word choice! The whole thing is just beautiful. And true. Lusting after autumn. Love it!