"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 24, 2011


tonight i learned...
when you are in a bind,
glad press and seal does NOT work as a substitute for wax paper.
it does NOT make your carmel apples glad.
it makes them sad.
and neither does tin foil.
i STILL dislike unwrapping the carmel pieces just as much this year as i did last year.
and the two years before that.
but they taste so good when you're done that it's worth it.
watching my kids faces when we open the pumpkin up for the first time is PRICELESS.
max dug right in.
brennan was hesitant,
like he didn't want to get his hands dirty.
stencils are a lot of work, but really fun.
you can listen to thriller 10 times in a row and it is still a great jam.
if i dangle carmel apples i can get my kids to clean up and sean to carve my witch pumpkin for me.
kids in aprons=so cute.
kids dancing to thriller=so so SO cute {"they've got the moves like jagger"}.
while you are carving, give the kids a spoon and get them to "clean" out the insides.
=an hour of entertainment.
really, it was amazing.
now my feet hurt.
and my tummy is full of Carmel apples dipped in white chocolate and crushed oreos:)
our pumpkin lighting ceremony will be tomorrow and continue every night until halloween.
we are cheezy like that.
which may or may not consist of anything special.
and last but not least,
there is never time for dad to carve a pumpkin for himself b/c he has helped the rest of us {minus max, which i am proud to say i did myself}.
worth the sacrifice for his carmel apples?
i think so:)
we are officially ready for halloween.



Sue said...

What a fun FHE at your house!


Emmy said...

Love it! Both pumpkins are amazing! We just do faces. And those apples- holy cow tey look good. Sounds like such a fun night

The Wilson Family said...

you guys are adorable. i love the post. where's your preggo bellie? you look great lady!

T!FF said...

so cute! is that a little pregger belly i see under that cute apron!?

jen said...

Thanks for putting that Maroon 5 song in my head. I spend most of many days expelling it from my brain since Micah loves to dance to that one.

Fiauna said...

You make carving pumpkins look like fun. Sadly, at my house carving pumpkins looks like a mess and a bunch of frustration, occasionally an injury or two.

Lauren said...

WOW! Brennan's pumpkin rocks-- so awesome! and I don't even like candy apples, but looking at yours makes me want to go home and make some. Seriously. I just might!

Stacie said...

Next time spray Pam on your aluminum foil and they won't stick!

Amy said...

And now for the seed roasting and devouring. My favorite part of pumpkin "crafting" as Keith calls it. Those pumpkins are gorgeous. And I love that you have a lighting ceremony. That is the cutest thing ever. Well, next to the picture of a little mouth straining and hovering next to those apples. So funny!