"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, November 28, 2011

the day AFTER thanksgiving {my favorite day}

in high school i took a marine biology class during zero period.
we led elementary grade classes through the tide pools at the marine reserve.
during regular class time.
it was awesome:)
i wanted to show off all of my talents to sean and the kids,
but the tide was in.
and when it finally started to go out the only thing my kids wanted to do was run in the stream that led to the ocean.
we couldn't have planned it better ourselves;)
happiest kids on earth.

 look closely below for the 5 sea lions playing about 10 feet off shore.
they look like black shiny rocks.

 it doesn't get more perfect than a warm day at the beach.
65 and sunny,
the day after thanksgiving.


keri said...

I love love love all these pictures! Makes me crave a vaca to the beach like no other :)

Emmy said...

Oh that does look like so much fun! And those pants could be Lucas' - every pair of his just about have holes in the knees

Susan Anderson said...

The beach is so exhilarating at this time of year. And y our photos are amazing, Em.


Susan Anderson said...

The beach is so exhilarating at this time of year!

And your photos are amazing, Em.


Lauren said...

I am SO unspeakably JEALOUS!! :) Your trip looks like so much fun. And your babies just couldn't possibly be any cuter.