"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 1, 2011

a gazillion times and counting.

we set up the train last night.
brennan told me he remembered the train rules.
"don't touch the train."
he used his hands to articulate.
smart man.
i've already had to put the train back on its track
a GAZILLION times today.
b/c "HE didn't touch it."
the monkey did.
the ball did.
max did.
the race car did.
"not him."
articulating with hands.
now that we've covered all of those items on our not allowed to touch the train list either,
hopefully we'll be down to only 100 times tomorrow.
and did i mention i put the track back together twice?
moms are smart.
this is what brennan told me after i fixed the track.
love him.
so it's going well.
as you can tell:)
and why do i put myself through this for an entire month?
b/c this is what they will remember about christmas.
the train around the tree.
and i love that. 
i absolutely love that:)


Jen said...

Max's hair looks a lot like Evie's but it looks thicker. Mangy toddler hair is NOT my favorite stage.

I wish I was as smart and cool as you with the train. Not gonna happen here, my friend.

Emmy said...

It would be so hard to resist. So nice that you let them have that memory.

Sue said...

You are such a nice (and self-sacrificing) mom!