"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the harbor {lots of crab pots}

i wanted crab for my birthday dinner.
my dad told me the crabbers were on strike.
but john at the fish market pulled through with some from washington.
i must say,
i couldn't tell the difference,
but let's just keep that between us;)
when we went to the harbor we saw all of the crab pots lined up with RV's in the harbor parking lot.
crab pots on boats stacked as high as they could go.
all waiting for an agreement on how much the fishermen were going to get paid per piece of crab.
it was amazing to see all of the pots.
and all of the fishermen just waiting to go out.
i'm betting there's a lot of crabs out there with all of the pots sitting on the shore. 

 fresh calamari and chowder.
and yes,
i eat the leg ones.
they are my favorite part:)
white sauce and lemon.
i can now die a happy woman.

hard to believe i grew up in such a beautiful place.
all i remember is fog,
flip flops and sweatshirts,
and amazing greasy mexican food.


Emmy said...

Sounds like a good time to go crab fishing! Crab is so yummy but so much work to eat.

The Jackson Family said...

I eat the leg ones, too, but only in one full bite, otherwise I feel like I'm eating a fried spider. And no lemon or cocktail sauce, just extra tartar!

Sue said...

We love calamari!

If these are still from your iPhone, then yours takes better pics than mine.


Erin Ellsworth said...

beautiful pictures!