"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

letters to Emily {strollers, schnitzel, & children dangling}

Dear Emily,
Today is the day I need to come to your kitchen and make make apple crisp with maple whipped cream. I did see the youtube video of "why mother's need their sleep." I must say it was hilarious, Bryce thought it was funny too. I can totally relate with you!!!!! Having a newborn is so fun. But very tiring. After I had Smith, believe it or not, I had postpartum depression really bad. It was so much worse on days I didn't get enough sleep. But with Baron, I haven't had postpartum and have felt like I have gotten better sleep with him than I did with Smith. So round two has been a little less stressful and more relaxing. I love that you are into the book you are reading right now. I read Anna Karenina and was totally into the characters and thought some of them were brilliant, and some were just plain mad! I am so glad for books though, they whisk you to another place for just enough time to give you breath of air outside the toys laid out on the carpet, crying children, and the kitchen sink filled with dishes. But it's always good to return to your reality because I feel so lucky to live my life. So to answer your question on what I am reading right now, Little Women. Give me a book about women and I am sold. I tend not to get into books written in a mans perspective or about a man. Weird. You know how there are some girls that got along with boys better and never really had girlfriends, well, I was opposite. I always got along with girls better and I was always with girls. You know this Emily, remember chico student ward? We had guy friends, but it was our little group of girlfriends that really stuck like glue.
Speaking of girlfriends and onto the subject of chocolate, I wanted to share with you the best of the best chocolate, (since I know you appreciate a good quality chocolate. My mom brought home a couple bars of these when she came out to visit. Believe me, it is an experience to eat this chocolate.
This is also something you would appreciate. It is called Schnitzel. 

It is pan fried pork cutlets, that are breaded with a sauce. You would love it.
And everyone EVERYONE uses these for their babies here.
So there is a little taste of Germany for you! I miss you and wish I could be there to make 5 dozen holiday cookies with you, and hang out for a day.
I took Smith into the therapist today, and I was carrying Bear in one arm and Smith in the other, and I had to yell for help because Smith was slipping out of my arm, in the hallway to the doctor's office. Yeah, life with two kids, one being handicap is pretty adventurous...!!! Especially in Europe. Let me just say, I looked pretty pathetic when the therapist came out and saw Smith dangling from my arm resting on my leg, and little 3 week old bear being juggled in my other arm. Way fun Emily. I just have to laugh about it thinking about it.


ejanesmailes said...

So, my two girls, I love your letters to each other. It makes me feel like I am with both of you at the same time. Don't get me started on the power of reading or I will never shut up. (Just ask my kids) As for the Lindt chocolate, really, I mean REALLY, this is a chocolate experience worth either the round trip ticket or the overseas shipping expense. Love Mama S

Mom of 12 said...

I hear you! I often find myself juggling two. And I love Lindt chocolate! So glad you found it.

Jen said...

This makes me miss you both! You are amazing!

Sue said...

This was fun to read, Em. I remember your friend and her cute, smiley Smith. How fun that she now has a Bear, too!

And who knew she was in Germany?? Pretty neat!