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Friday, December 16, 2011

extravaganza review! {april, may, & june}

alright folks,
it's week 2.
and just so there's no confusion,
here's a link to the rules.
for the nitty gritty,
if you want to win a prize.
8 prizes!
from 8 lovely ladies,
including yours truly;)
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as several people forgot last week.
my very first seed sprouted.
i was the proudest little mama there ever was.

it snowed a whole lot.
over night.
and shut the power off.
max decided to start walking.
like cromagnum man.
she grew some hair.
like overnight.
my plants grew some more.
i learned about pinching.
i left for hawaii.
to visit my mom.
and then i came home and showered my family with gifts
the popcorn was popping on my neighbor's trees.
we did easter stuff.
i ate the kid's easter candy.
before easter.
and had to buy more.
it was lovely.
pb eggs.
pb eggs:)
we celebrated 7 YEARS of marriage on easter.
i fired the groundhog.
b/c he's a man of LIES!
even though it was really pretty.
i had just had enough of being sick the entire winter.
this coming from a snow lover.
i was done with the snow.
and the winter.
and was convinced that if it became summer we would be healthy.
and we were:)
our trees blossomed.
breathtakingly beautiful.
and i wrote my all time favorite post.
it got warm.
we pulled out the sunscreen.
and then we were back in coats again.
we got the dirt ready.
all of my little seedlings.
and then it snowed.
but my plants lived.
even though spring just wouldn't spring.
i had a war with max's fire alarm.
which i still have not fixed.
swim lessons started.
we bought a whole lot of sand.
and had to go back and buy double more.
but ended up with an amazing sandbox.
my seeds really started growing.
brennan finally got potty trained.
summer decided to grace us with its presence.
our air conditioner broke.
i almost cried.
i did.
and then it got fixed.
and we finally started enjoying summer.
"man talk" began.
and we started living in the pool.
no really,
we did.
and when we weren't in the pool,
we were still in our bathing suits.
on vacation in our backyard.
my sister came to visit.
we got really lazy.
it was
so link up!
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Jen said...

I think I said this about your last recap too, but this is awesome! I love all of your pictures SO much :)
The happiness from them is very evident.
I'm coming back later to go through all of your links.

My Mercurial Nature said...

Your pictures are fantastic, as always. And that trip to Hawaii looks so amazing...I just want to fall into the pictures!

Date Girl said...

First I love that your comment field says secret santas, that's amazing.

Second way to go green thumb. I'm so excited to start our garden, but nervous too. I'm terrible with plants!

Your wedding picture is gorgeous. Hurray for 7 years and going strong!

Gilbert Family said...

holy moly! that took some time to read im sure it took even longer to post! good for you! thanks for including us on your wonderful year! even more good things to come!

Emmy said...

Love that I remember all of this :)

Still jealous about your Hawaii trip, not jealous about the crazy can't make up it's mind Utah weather.

Love love your wedding picture. I am glad you are a brunette since I am, but you were a pretty blonde.

So many amazing beautiful shots!

Stacie said...

Those toddler jeans and that polka dot bathing suit are too cute! I'm tired just reading about all you did!

Impulsive Addict said...

I was stalking some of your Hawaii posts. We've been twice (before kids) and it's the BEST. We loved it. And they have the BEST shaved ice on the planet! And don't get me started on how much juicier their fruits are than ours. Mmmmm.

And I also stalked your wedding photos. You were a GORGEOUS bride! I loved the pics!

Angel said...

Wow all that snow!!! I love you pictures they are amazing!

Nicole said...

Hawaii is the best, I went in September!

Kiddothings said...

What an awesome 3 months! I love to see the changing of seasons. It's pretty much summer for us here all year round. Never experienced snow before. What great pictures. Happy 7th Anniversary to you and your hubs :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Amazing 3 months! I can't stand to pinch my babies, though I know it's for the best. Lucky for me it doesn't matter. The last time I planted seedlings all my little ones mysteriously died over the course of a couple weeks anyhow!

And I LOVE the Hawaii pictures! I long to go! We were also going through potty training! Glad to not be in that phase right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome review! Love, love, love all the pictures. You were a beautiful bride. I cried when reading your favorite post ever - It was beautiful, too.

Connie said...

Those flowering trees are really beautiful!

Kim said...

Your post sounded so familiar. We were waiting and waiting for Spring this year too even though I love snow! We also have the same tree in our yard, so beautiful any time of year. Have a great week!

Johanson Family said...

You really do an amazing job with your recaps and the pictures!! I want to live near you-- your neighborhood looks so beautiful! Love the popcorn trees-- that's a bradford pear? I wish I could grow plants or keep them alive..

Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures, especially that cute little kiss and those teensy little pigtails. Looks like a great quarter - though I can't believe you had snow in those months!