"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

mr. postman {dizzy}

post office.
10 days before christmas.
line out the door.
two kids.
not pretty.
especially with the one awesome fellow behind me who kept informing me of how out of control my kids were b/c they were running back and forth on their "race track."
really, did he have a better idea of keeping them entertained?
b/c i sure didn't.
they were self contained.
not pulling anything off of the shelves.
and smiling, not screaming.
so i took a picture.
and smiled.
oh how i wish i would have invited him to give it a try for me b/c i was fresh out of good ideas.
and the race track worked great:)
thank you very much.
we still left with one crying max.
who at the postman register had been spinning herself in circles for entertainment and fell right into the iron mail cart.
head first.
at a left angle.
it was sad and funny all at once.
the kind of funny where you smile with complete agony for your child.
i didn't look to see what the man behind me thought.
b/c i knew i had the cutest little kids in the entire world.
spinning dizzy circles to keep themselves entertained.
there truly are worse things.
i do believe:)
 there are ACTUAL cookies under all of that frosting
and all of those sprinkles and candies.
max ate Hershey's kisses.
and entire bowl in fact.
and frosting.
no cookie.
brennan was so pleased with his yellow sprinkles and green m&m's.
see what i mean?
cutest kids on earth:)


Stephanie C said...

Oh how I laughed! You do have some of the cutest kids.

The Jackson Family said...

I have seen plenty of out of control kids in public and your kids don't look like any of them! I like their "race track" idea, it kept them entertained and out of people's way, so much smarter than kids playing with the bubble wrap envelopes.

stacy said...

Gavin and I played "pokey pokey" (hokey pokey) in the bank yesterday. He's into that song/game and so it was all I could do to keep him from screaming while we waited. I'm sure I looked silly but it worked. We got some giggles out of fellow customers waiting in line. Race track was a fabulous idea! I think I would have pretended to be a race car with sound effects and all and whizzed by him on the way out, but then I'm in play mode all the time these days with all of g's therapy. Amazon has been my saving grace this Christmas. Love Amazon Mom club!! No post office for me!

Susan Anderson said...

Those cookies are hilarious!


Camillia G said...

I love how men that have no clue what's it's like to entertain a couple toddlers all day make comments like that... Good for you, ignoring him and allowing your kids to be just what they are, kids! P.S. Mine would have been much less contained and much more out of control in that situation... Which leaves me much more impressed with yours!