"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 30, 2012

the burning skin belt {30 weeks}

i think we match?
the burning skin belt is on it's way in.
the other two held off a few more weeks before the burning began.
it's the most uncomfortable part about the end for me.
i  have begun the sitting back to eat phase.
and get full after about 5 bites.
the tummy table/hand rest is in full use.
i have to wake up to roll over at night.
braxton hicks let me know when i have to pee.
even if i've just gone.
i can't stand to wear a bra.
but must wear one anyway.
as long as possible.
leaning back to breathe is more of a necessity.
if you can call it breathing.
it feels weird when the kids sit on my lap.
b/c there's already someone sitting in my lap.
when they lean back their little backs arch up around my tummy.
i like it.
i washed the baby's clothes.
and folded them in his dresser.
the dryer ate two socks.
i can't believe brennan was ever that small.
i don't remember thinking he was small.
and i don't remember only having baby blue clothes.
despite my memory,
both are still true.
max helped me with the socks.
by unwrapping them and throwing them on the floor.
i finally had to ban her from helping.
she was not happy.
but i was.
i just couldn't bend over one more time.
i've always  waited until the day before induction to wash the clothes.
i just couldn't help myself from doing it now.
don't leave home without them.
it appears the acid reflux is also here to stay.
it amazes me that my body knows how to do this.
make a person.
keep it in there.
grow it.
grow my stomach.
then make the food to feed it.
and even though i'm still not convinced it actually knows when it's ready to have the baby,
it knows how to have him.
without me telling it do a single thing.
unconsciously creates a living
heart beating
there is nothing more amazing.
i could do without the varicose veins.
and the burning skin,
but i guess it's gotta do what it's gotta do.
eye on the prize.


Court said...

Okay, I LOVE this post cos I can relate to EVERYTHING you're talking about!!! Literally!!! Well, except for the "know how to have a kid" part. This is still a mystery to me. Oh, Emily, I hope these next few weeks magically fly by for you. :)

Sue said...

As I recall, the less favorable symptoms seemed to come a little earlier each time.

But oh yes, it is SO worth it! And such a miracle.


Emmy said...

Love your matching twin :). And yea the heartburn and the something is riding up in your ribs gets uncomfortable but so all worth it

becca said...

wow i never had any of this when i was pregnant except the bending down being hard and missing my lap but other then that it was easy. hugs wish i could offer words of wisdom but i'm at a loss

The Jackson Family said...

I totally know what you mean about our bodies just knowing what to do... purely amazing! And not to sound too hippy-dippy, but I felt the most connected to nature than ever when I was pregnant because a life was growing, literally GROWING, inside me!

BTW, if Tums doesn't cut it.. Pepcid Complete always worked for me! Especially the Walmart generic brand (Equate)

Fiauna said...

It is truly amazing. A real miracle. Every single time. Hang in there; he's almost here. : )

Amy said...

I am ridiculously baby hungry. I have been for about six months or more now. But reading this helps curb that. I hate that end part. The difficulty breathing, the heartburn, the bending over, and the impossibility of sleeping. People tell me I am crazy, but when it gets down to the last few weeks, I get more sleep after the baby is born than I do at the very end. Good luck!