"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 3, 2012

definitely not on coupon day

brennan was in heaven.
run, jump, bounce, and fly yourself into cushy pads.
bridges, ball pits, arcade games, and race tracks.
max mostly walked around crying and whining.
brennan was asking if we could come back tomorrow too before we had even taken our shoes and socks off for the first jumpy house.
after ten minutes max was saying "all done" and heading for the door.
i spent the rest of the time trying to get max to get back in and play and trying to have some idea of where brennan had run off to.
all the while lugging my diaper bag around and trying to get through narrow spaces jammed with lots of little running short people.
far too many running short people.
which is what you get when you go on a coupon day.
i sorely underestimate the space my belly and i can fit through.
it's funny.
until it's not.
and i'm stuck.
i ended up yelling over the noise of the bounce jumpy toys and arcade games for my kids to
"come this way,"
"stay there while i get brennan,"
"wait, now where is max???,"
"don't move,"
"wait there!"
"hold on!"
i'm stuck!
"brennan come back!"
"max, this way!"
have mercy, just give me your arm.
i finally bribed them to the car with their arcade tickets for toys.
no one got their toy until they had climbed into their seat and strapped themselves in.
i don't ever want to do that again.
at least not with max being all done after the first ten minutes.
and definitely NOT on coupon day.
the end.


Sue said...

Yes. I would avoid coupon day like the plague.


jen said...

When we visit Grandma, my kiddos always beg for classic. Can't blame them!